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Death comes with Arrogance, Hubris and Greed…

Martin Love
Posted Nov 17, 2023

Narratives, especially about conflicts such as the war mounted directly by the United States in Ukraine (beginning with the 2014 coup in Kiev), or indirectly by way of vast support for Israel’s obscene genocide in Gaza (the pretext to which was supplied by Hamas “freedom fighters” in the Gaza area on October 7) are critically important.

All sorts of different narratives spring up around conflicts and few of them are clearly objective or neutral: they aim to support one side of a conflict or the other to convince the ignorant of the righteousness of some particular action however bloody and cruel it may be. But careful observation of what’s actually happening plus appraisals of various narratives can lead to some objective truths.

The U.S. under the Biden Administration whose actions have been almost entirely led by Zionist Neocons in control of U.S. foreign policies, and a supine Congress under the sway of AIPAC threats and money to legislators for decades, stepped in the largest pile of fresh cow cap in its history in 2014 in Ukraine, and now again an even bigger pile over Gaza.

Under normal circumstances when a person steps into a pile of crap, the rational move is to place the other foot onto unsullied soil and then pull the errant foot out of the pile of crap. No such luck with the U.S. government. The U.S. has stepped this past month into an even larger pile of even fresher, fetid poop which is its support for the radical Zionist response to the “successful” and even incredible military action by Hamas on October 7. The Israeli response to Hamas is the gravest incidence of clear genocide against a population (Palestinians) since the Holocaust during World War 2. And it’s likely to be sustained for some time with many thousands of more deaths of innocent people, especially children! In Gaza and the West Bank. Sustained because the U.S. won’t demand a ceasefire.

Make no mistake to imagine Israel’s cruelties now are a one-off. This is precisely what the hard-core Zionists have literally wanted: a pretext for a radical ramping up and continuation of land theft and ethnic cleansing that began in 1948, the year after I was born, when 800,000 Palestinians fled the Holy Land having been pressed, they thought temporarily, to flee Palestine by Jewish terror militias just before the creation of “Israel” as a state. The Zionists have always desired a “Palestinian-rein” Israel, just as the Nazis wanted a “Juden-rein” Germany.

No question Hamas created the pretext, and it was wrong. But one must also consider and say to inquiring minds: if you were a young man who had spent your entire life bottled up in the Gaza ghetto in conditions of unemployment, deprivation, bullying and utter control since birth, YOU would likely have joined Hamas yourself and welcomed the opportunity to assist in the carefully conceived break-out east from the Gaza border fence.

Yes, an alleged 1400 Israelis died on October 7, but it’s also no secret that the IDF probably killed in cynical disregard for THEIR citizens’ lives a significant number of Israelis, too, in trying to deter or contain Hamas soldiers running amok in the towns and kibbutzim just east of Gaza. One can almost say that the Netanyahu government had not nearly enough concern for the lives of Jews attacked by Hamas and bombarded locations in which they were trying to shelter or where they had been taken hostage by Hamas fighters.

One must also note that not only did the Netanyahu gang want to destroy Palestinians and the very concept of any future Palestinian state living side by side with “Israel”, but they also coveted the rich natural gas fields just offshore the northern part of the Gaza Strip. In fact, just this week, Israel’s government allegedly signed contracts with British Petroleum to exploit those energy resources once the fighting dies down, Hamas is no more and Gaza is little but a smoldering ruin containing the corpses of thousands more dead Palestinians murdered in the past month by American-made bombs.

Meanwhile, Ukraine has all but lost the war for the U.S. and NATO thanks to Vladimir Putin and Russian forces given the foolishness of Neocons in Washington. Zelensky is under pressure even within Ukraine to negotiate some sort of settlement, but he is so vain and selfish that he wants the war to continue until every inch of what was Ukraine prior to 2014 has been liberated from Russian control. No chance of that ever occurring. It is possible Zelensky might be assassinated or deposed by those around him in Kiev sometime in the coming month or five.

Also of note, U.S. Secretary of State Blinken has lately been visiting Arab capitals, and even Turkey, getting nothing more than very cold receptions or virtually none at all. No question Araby and the Muslim world at large has turned against the U.S. for at least (so far) not demanding a ceasefire over Gaza. Little Jordan is even considering cutting all ties with Israel and returning to a mental posture, if not an actualization, of “war” with Israel over the Gaza carnage.

In sum, U.S. policies in the Middle East, have been a total disaster for decades for the U.S. and the peoples of West Asia, largely because of total support for whatever Israel does. Disaster in Afghanistan for the U.S. in Libya, in Syria, in Iraq, in Yemen and elsewhere. Nothing won, much lost.

Whether the West essentially forces the war in Gaza to widen in the north over Lebanon and Syria or forces extension eastwards to involve Iran, from now on the U.S. and its empire is changed and diminished forever as U.S. influence becomes moribund and its economy soon can unravel atop $33 trillion dollars in debt. This is the final result of wars past and lately the failed proxy war on Russia in Ukraine and the support of the Zionist crimes with at least $14 billion more for Israel soon.

The three pillars of downfall for millennia past are obvious for any culture, person or nation: Arrogance, Hubris and Greed.


Martin Love
email: martinxlove@me.com

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