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Open Letter to Senator Judd Gregg

Lawrence Lepard
posted Dec 4, 2009

Senator Judd Gregg
US Senator - New Hampshire (R)
201 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510  
(202) 224-3324
Dear Senator Gregg:
I saw your recent comments on CNBC calling Ron Paul's Audit The Fed bill an outrage. No, sir, you are an outrage. I cannot believe you are a Senator. I cannot believe you are a Republican. (I used to be a Republican, now I am an Independent). You are a disgrace. The disdain dripping from your Senate enriched lips makes me want to puke. You criticize Congressmen for supporting this bill as an election ploy. Yes, Congressmen want to be re-elected by the people they represent. They do so by actually "representing the people", who are overwhelmingly in favor of this bill. You have a problem with that?
I am completely disgusted with you and other politicians like you. Sir, you are a national joke - a disgrace really, and you should resign before the intelligent voters in New Hampshire throw you out, as I am sure they will do in the next election.
I believe you are a disgrace because you blatantly lied in your statement on CNBC. To wit, you misrepresented the HR 1207 Audit the Fed bill. Your statement that this bill is an attempt by Congress to manage monetary affairs is a blatant lie. The bill calls for transparency. The monetary affairs of the U.S. are already being managed by Goldman Sachs, at the expense of the people. ALL THIS BILL CALLS FOR IS TOTAL TRANSPARENCY. The only parties who will be hurt by this disclosure are those who have benefited at the expense of the tax payer. Do you have a problem with that?  Who elected you, taxpayers or financial interests? Oh, I see.
Here is what amazes me. It amazes me how inexpensive you are to buy. According to <> you recently received $8,000 from Goldman Sachs, and $7,000 from Citigroup. If I give you more than $15,000 can I get you to support the Audit the Fed bill?  It seems very inexpensive to me, and I would be willing to send you the money.
You sir, are just another corrupt, stupid politician who has been complicit in ruining this country. How can you live with that?  I know I could not. Why don't you do one honorable thing in your life and resign. We the American people at least deserve that. It would not fully atone for your sins, but it would be a start.
You say that the Audit the Fed bill is just run away populism and has echoes of William Jennings Bryan. This statement is rich with irony because as you no doubt know Bryan's words were that "thou shalt not crucify the working man on a cross of gold" thereby arguing against the gold standard and for free silver, or an inflationary monetary policy. Implicitly your comments criticized Bryan although he is on the same side of the argument as your beloved Federal Reserve. So do you agree with Bryan or disagree? If you disagree with Bryan (as your comments imply) then you are on our side-honest money. If you agree with Bryan then why are you criticizing his populism? Senator, if you are going to use historical references to try to enhance your argument you might at least try to get them right. Scholarly references that are wrong tend to make the user look stupid. Doesn't Phillips Exeter Academy teach history? The Ann Arbor, Michigan public schools have served me well.
Furthermore, what is wrong with populism? You are from New Hampshire. The state motto is "live free or die". How can you reconcile that with a society of economic royalists, statists, and federalists? The US FED is an abomination on the people. It is a counterfeiter. It is unconstitutional, and just because it has been around since 1913 that does not make it legitimate. I will go so far as to say that the FED has done a huge amount of damage to the people of this and other countries. If you disagree, read Ron Paul's book, End The Fed and dispute the case on its merits. Dr. Paul has forgotten more about natural law, ethics and monetary policy than you know. YOU SIR ARE STUPID. YOU SHOULD RESIGN AND GIVE SOMEONE ELSE A CHANCE TO SERVE THE PEOPLE. WHEN WE SEE YOU ON TV WE LAUGH AT YOU.
RESIGN, or we will continue to ridicule and mock you.
It is very simple, say the words, "I resign, I am not competent to hold this position of trust".
Lawrence Lepard
Wellesley, MA

-Lawrence Lepard

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