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Forgotten History Lessons

W K Darcy
Posted Jan 7, 2018

This Year’s Peace Prize Candidates?

Although most people are recovering from their respective New Year’s Eve parties, I for one am not. Instead, I am thinking about past lessons of history and where this chaotic world may be in another year’s time. You see, most people under 50 never received lessons of history or if they did, have relegated them to the dustbin of their memories as being irrelevant in today’s world.

And those over 50 are usually so entrenched in either their retirement plans or their “where do I find my next meal?”plans, they have simply lost interest in everything except their hedonistic pursuits or survival actions.

Thinking about two of Winston Churchill’s quotes:

“The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.”


"For my part, I consider that it will be found much better by all Parties to leave the past to history, especially as I propose to write that history..." #38

For most citizens of this world, the recent “state-sponsored history”news reports of Chinese and Russian oil tankers delivering oil to North Korea, and North Korean coal to Russia (in violation of a United Nations embargo), and the Chinese “state-sponsored history” rebuttal that no such violations have taken place, are probably of little or no interest. However, they should be.

You see, this is not the first energy embargo the Western Powers have clamped onto a disagreeable country. 

You can read about how and why the Americans, British and Dutch stopped all oil shipments to Japan in early 1941 here, with the expressed purpose of:

"The question was how we should maneuver them [the Japanese] into firing the first shot……….”

The energy embargo which would have devastated Japan’s economy was the flash point which gave Japan no choice but to attack the US fleet at Pearl Harbor and then to grab the resources they needed to keep their economy running.

Young men and women should be especially concerned about this, for who do they think are going to fight a new war if/when it erupts? It won’t be the sons or daughters of Senators, Congress whatevers, or a War-Mongering UN Ambassadress.

If the Western Powers succeed in cutting off all energy to North Korea, do they think the government in Pyongyang is simply going to capitulate and suddenly become “obedient” to the demands of the West? The US has embargoed Cuba for 50+ years and one of the Castro brothers is STILL in power!

Or, as history indicates, is this a move on the chessboard to “maneuver them [the Japanese North Koreans] into firing the first shot……….”?

Finally, getting to the title of this article, “Future Peace Prize Candidates?”,

If war is somehow avoided or at least “limited” and an eventual cessation of hostilities comes about, Western society will have their annual “Peace Prize” dog and pony show and the mainstream media will be lionizing the recipient as they mistakenly did with this politician.

However, I believe we should look at this from a historical and pragmatic perspective.

Looking back to the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962 when the world appeared to be on the verge of nuclear war, and an agreement was reached between the US and the Soviet Union to retreat from the brink, the credit for avoiding the cataclysm of nuclear war went to US President John Kennedy. 

From a pragmatic view, there is an unsung hero who is little known, but should be.

A Soviet Submarine Officer Vasili Alexandrovich Arkhipov is THE man who prevented the nuclear button from being pushed. Read about him in the above link or do your own research.

The men and women on the streets of this world will probably never be able to determine the truth of these alleged UN sanctions violations (and whether the Chinese and Russian governments condoned the alleged smuggling of oil and coal to/from North Korea), but we CAN assess that such sanctions are counter-productive and highly inflammatory (and in this nuclear situation, quite literally inflammatory). 

And we can also recommend that any future Peace Prize be given to the officers and crews of these blockade-running oil and coal ships. For they have bought time and prevented a flash point from taking place.

The Western Powers’ endless excuses for never-ending wars must be stopped and in their own little way (if allegations are true), the energy smugglers of these vessels have made their contributions to these efforts to promote commerce over war, so young men and women do not have to go fight and die in foreign lands for foreign powers and war machine profits.

Hypocrisy Footnote:

Earlier in the day he had hinted that Moscow’s leverage over Poland and other countries from the region in terms of gas supplies could end with LNG deals with the US companies, which, Trump said, will never “use energy to coerce your nations, and we cannot allow others to do so”.    July 6, 2017

From: http://www.intellinews.com/trump-punches-poland-s-happy-buttons-with-first-european-speech-124879/


Jan 1, 2018
W K Darcy
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