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Bradley Model Peak Approaches

Arch Crawford
Crawford Perspectives
Posted May 31, 2013

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The high for this year in the Bradley Model occurs on June 7, after which the remainder of the year is anticipated to be trending lower as planetary aspect power recedes. Donald Bradley wrote Stock Market Prediction in 1947 which documents a methodology for combining the aspect power of 2-planet pairs for projecting trends into the future. All but 2 of the input data are Geocentric Longitude differentials. It does NOT include Lunar Cycles or Eclipses, declinations (north/south positional data) except for Mars & Venus, or Heliocentric positions. It is accurate often enough that one MUST be familiar with it and keep an eye on it, but can be erratic or useless under influences not included or when there are major multi-planet configurations which become unique events not easily codified or standardized.

In years when it is accurate, it is often amazingly so, calling some important tops and bottoms TO THE DAY! As with all methodologies, backup confirmation by standard technical data output means is always appropriate. A foolish trade on a favorable planetary aspect is still a foolish act, and A fool and his money are soon parted! We also believe that money management and risk management are as important as market prediction in the overall investment milieu.


Arch Crawford
Crawford Perspectives

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