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2021 Everything Precious Is Neutered & Modified

David Bryan
Posted Dec 31, 2020

I would strongly suggest that before any healthy male takes the vaccine, they should visit a sperm bank!

Imagine finding out too late that hell on Earth is living in a neutered world with mandated artificial meat, sweeteners, GM crops, no private property, a new definition of family, restricted travel, no right to gather in groups, no freedom of expression, no need to vote and to be given the squalor of a government basic income for survival.

Welcome to 2020/2021 when 7 billion people will be coerced and vaccinated with an apparently unproven genetic material. Where small and independent businesses are forcibly bankrupted, the weakest and poorest suffer while mega global corporations and their billionaire owners go from strength to strength. Without a shadow of doubt 2020/2021 and the Orwellian Covid-19 (84) marks the twilight of a sovereign humanity.

The purpose of financial engineering, genetic engineering, social engineering, military engineering and bio engineering, is neuter and replace the sovereign with a new modified reality. Eventually the reality turns into the unthinkable, which is hell on Earth.

In the past year we have lost our sovereign right to meet in groups, to travel freely and have family gatherings. We are rapidly losing the ability to be economically self sufficient, to pay mortgages and perhaps to democratically choose a sovereign government.

The globalists of Davos, The World Economic Forum, is a strategic membership of more than 1,000 major global corporations, financial institutions and heads of state. Founded by Klaus Schwab, the powerful forum has published the mandate for a completely neutered post covid world. It will remove our right to a sovereign body, property, intellect, activity and government.


The main purpose for genetic engineering is neuter the reproductive cycle of a plant and replace it with a new sterile strain of GMO plant. Biological engineering with the mRNA vaccines, appears to use precisely the same methodology as genetically engineering plant seeds. If so, then it is very likely that the vaccine for coronavirus will interfere with the human reproductive cycle.

The methodology is that when the cells of a plant or a human are injected with a new DNA the new DNA affects the plant or human seed and while they reproduce. It is the next generation (of plant or human) that inherits the modified seed and is sterile.

Google: How to genetically modify a seed so that it will become sterile.

“To produce a GM plant, new DNA is transferred into plant cells. Usually, the cells are then grown in tissue culture where they develop into plants. The seeds produced by these plants will inherit the new DNA.” royalsociety.org read here.

It is the GM plant seeds of the next generation, that are sterile and will no longer have a natural plant reproductive cycle! Future plant seeds are from these patented GMO’s and sourced from the GMO Corporation.


Fact: “Coronavirus vaccines inject RNA which is a single strand of DNA”.

“An RNA vaccine or mRNA vaccine is a type of vaccine that uses a man-made copy of a natural chemical called messenger RNA to produce an immune response. The vaccine transfects molecules of synthetic RNA into human cells”. Wikipedia

It must be assumed, that the human seed will inherit the new DNA transferred into the human cells. The serious unanswered question is will the new DNA, like in a genetically modified plant, modify the human seed? If so, as has been proven by the methodology in GMO engineering, the human seed is likely to become sterile. In which case it is most probably not the recipient of the vaccine, but their offspring who will inherit a sterile seed.

Our seed is our human future and carries each person’s individual DNA, it must remain sovereign. The unspeakable horror is that like GM crops, after the next generation of children, all future generations will be unable to reproduce from their own seed. This will mean in the future, that all humans must come from corporate owned Biological Modified Organisms.

These BMO’s would be genetically produced using a patented laboratory seed! Gene edited laboratory seeds implanted into the female human body, would clearly deliver the trans-humanism of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” involving a “fusion of our digital and biological identity” as outlined by Klaus Schwab. It would also accomplish the eugenics of his billionaire buddies Bill & Melinda Gates.

So far the Davos Forum’s post covid reset to remove our sovereign rights, has succeeded in ticking all the globalist boxes. We have been forced by massive propaganda, to live in a locked down society, socially distanced and waiting on mandatory mRNA injections against a virus, which in practically all cases can be treated successfully. I may have the coincidence about transhumanism and eugenics wrong, however, it has a binary cause and so it will have an effect. I would strongly suggest that before any healthy male takes the vaccine they should visit a sperm bank!


We are a collective of seven billion people, standing against the corruption of a small globalist elite who want to neuter everything precious in the world. Unless we insist on the most sovereign of all human rights, which is our right to a sovereign body. We demand the moral right to sovereign money for a stable economy, in which everyone has equal opportunity. Unless we collectively demand the fundamental right to a sovereign society, which can fulfill our ambitions in life. Then the destiny of the world will lie with the integrity of Bill Gates, with Dr Fauci and the affiliated Davos globalist corporate membership that controls the media, the political apparatus and which apparently also controls the World Health Organization.


The fear factor behind the depraved concept of eugenics and trans-humanism, is an overpopulated world. It is important to stop and calmly understand that if the entire population of the world were placed in Australia, the world’s smallest continent. The average family of five would occupy a little over 1.25 acres of land. Clearly there is still the landmass of all of Asia, Europe, Africa, North America and South America, which are much larger continents. The world contains more than sufficient fertile land as well as oceans, rivers, lakes, cities, towns, villages and hamlets to wonderfully cater for the entire human population. The fear of reasonable doubt is imposed on society by the half truths of belief-isms. Clear resolutions are found by applying Universal principles.


There is absolutely no need to engineer what is sovereign. It is very important to stop and calmly understand for the entire ecological sphere, the sun is sovereign and properly sustains the planet’s ecology. The sun ensures the seasons cyclically replenish and nourish life without the slightest need for corporate genetic engineering of plants to remove their natural cycle, or poisoning the planet’s land, decimating the bird population, the pollinating bees and a myriad of tiny industrious insects!

It is important to calmly understand for the entire civilization sphere, the family unit and the ethics of family values are sovereign. The binary of the family is how society is emotionally stable and it is how the DNA of our human seed perpetually renews. To have a civilized society, does not require the slightest need for either social engineering, bio engineering or military engineering!

It is vitally important to understand for the entire economic sphere, physical gold is sovereign. Physical gold bullion stored in the treasury is a fully accountable asset that belongs to the people. It has existed as stable monetary wealth to provide currency for several thousands of years. As gold is physically indestructible and maintains its value over time, it naturally binds people to activities and structures that ensure long lasting prosperity that is “of the people, by the people, for the people”.

As a sovereign society uses the binary of wealth in its own treasury for trade and commerce, it does not have the slightest need for central banks. The financial engineered central banks system of debt boom and financial bust is a totally unnecessary intrusion into people’s lives. The insidious central bank debt monetary system is completely anti sovereign and provides the binary, by which corporate global governance replaces the sovereign society. Trillions in crony finance are provided annually. As the means to vastly enrich and empower global corporations, and provide their billionaire oligarch owners with truly staggering levels of wealth, power and privilege.

Speculatively developed crypto currencies or any proposed central bank variant, are not sovereign wealth that belongs to the people. Like the issue of all fiat, after the swindle is complete, they will destruct and be cyber-gone.

The sun, the family and gold were sovereign to every person long before we entered the ideological induced twilight zone of institutional financial engineering, genetic engineering, social engineering, cyber engineering, military engineering and the pandemic horrors from virus engineering. Equitable, refined, civilized, stable, passive and indestructible the sun, the family and gold are inviolable. Without fear or favors. The binary of these three passives have always been and always will continue to be more than sufficient to provide a good quality of life. They are all that is needed to have a flourishing ecology, civilization and economy that equitably caters for the enduring needs of every individual person!


There is an Athenian binary system that would guarantee a representative and sovereign democratic government, which is “of the people, for the people and by the people.” Government is chosen by lot from the general populace! At first this may require placing our trust in the strength of human nature. However people ‘that are of the people’ are from the grounded majority who regardless of their sex, age or education, are willing and ready to work. They are people who if selected, are likely to legislate with immense honor and have a great deal more compassionate empathy, than all the aloof corporate owned demagogues of the institutionalized political parties!

“And who can doubt that it will lead to the worst disorders, when minds created free by God are compelled to submit slavishly to an outside will? When we are told to deny our senses and subject them to the whim of others? When people devoid of whatsoever competence are made judges over experts and are granted authority to treat them as they please? These are the novelties that are apt to bring about ruin of commonwealths and the subversion of the state." - Galileo

With the present top down, two tiered extreme wealth and social divide. That has been imposed on the world by the central banker’s debt ideology of monetarism, which finances the ideologies of globalism, corporatism, capitalism, state socialism, militarism and fascism. The trillions of public assets that have been surreptitiously acquired by the central banks and their crony corporations. The immense, off bank balance sheet counter party risk from the quadrillions in leveraged derivatives. The social importance of healthcare and other essential services. Some insightful thoughts on how to structure a completely equitable economic and social reset, which complies with Sir Isaac Newton’s extraordinary third law of physics: “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Are developed in the author’s book Two World Systems.

David Bryan is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and writes about perfected Tibetan Buddhist Knowledge. He discovered that Tibetan Sanskrit scholars along with Galileo and Copernicus, the founders of modern science and economic monetary theory. Have provided the world with sufficient proof and factual information, to finally end the duplicity of all belief-ism ideology.

Ideologies are just a collection of unproven suppositions, which create disunity and polarize society into holding opposing beliefs. Such as left wing ideologies v right wing ideologies, capitalism v socialism, pro vaccine v anti vaccine, one religion versus another religion, etc.

Whether the particular belief-ism ideology mandates a technocratic and dictatorial Chinese style of communism, the obscene graft and injustice of western capitalism, impoverishment from debt monetarism, crony corporatism, globalism, socialism, fascism or just human butchery from militarism. All of these ideologies unduly entitle their administrators to inequitable wealth, extraordinary privileges and the power to impose tyranny.

Expecting a sovereign society with freedom, harmony and prosperity to be based on any ideological belief, is to naively rely on an incorrect binary. “I think that when discussing natural problems we ought to not begin with religion or an ideology, but with practical experiments and demonstrations” - Galileo.

In his published work ‘A Dialogue Concerning The Two Chief World Systems’. Galileo was a visionary genius, who from his scientific proof of the perpetual circular motion of energy could understand its incredible cause and effect. By far the most important scientific fact and the least understood, is that the Universe is spherical. As a result energy which is the life force behind all motion and emotion, flows within its sphere in a continuous circular motion. This astounding phenomenon of circular motion explains a Universe in which every shape has a natural curvature and cycles bring about continual change. Having a binary that works with the perpetual motion of energy, is the only system which is guaranteed to benefit all of humanity. “In the future, there will be opened a gateway and a road to a large and excellent science into which minds more piercing than mine, shall penetrate to recesses still deeper.” David has a blog that explores the binary of this extraordinary science and Two World Systems by David Bryan is available on Kindle Books.


David Bryan
email: davidbryan@mail.com

Disclaimer: David Bryan has an economics degree from Trinity College Dublin and ran his own international business for many years. Published a book on Tibetan Science and in a world which has become increasingly specialized. Discovered that the founders of western science recommended a completely different system to ideologies.

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