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Opportunities And Prosperity On A
Scale We Could Never Have Thought Possible

David Bryan
Posted May 30, 2020

To provide the well being of the human race with a continual supply of sustenance, good company and prosperous commerce. The sun has for countless eons provided sufficient energy to ensure there is a cyclical ecology, capable of sustaining life on the planet. For genuine company, the family tradition which comprises a father, a mother, sons or daughters, has for multiple eons provided a reproductive cycle with ethical values. Whereby entire communities and the world as a whole, is stable and socially civilized. For commerce, gold’s constant monetary wealth has for eons past ensured that every aspect of the economy, is stable and has a long lasting regenerative cycle of prosperity.

These are the physics of a sphere, which naturally apply to the ecology, to civilization and the economy. The value of the sun, the value of the family and the value of gold are inviolable, as they apply to all human life. They are the passive principles, which act as a stable anchor in the active regenerative cycle. These passive principles being inviolable, are sufficient to maintain the correct ordering of the world’s ecology, civilization and economy.

“The sun with all the planets around it and depending on it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as though it had nothing else in the Universe to do”.Galileo.

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David Bryan
email: davidbryan@mail.com

Disclaimer: David Bryan has an economics degree from Trinity College Dublin and ran his own international business for many years. Published a book on Tibetan Science and in a world which has become increasingly specialized. Discovered that the founders of western science recommended a completely different system to ideologies.

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