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The Worlds Most Extra Extraordinary Genius

David Bryan
Posted Feb 17, 2021

Nicolaus Copenicus 1473-1543


Our wake up of all wake up calls is the 2021 Doomsday Clock, which has been set at 100 seconds to midnight! Because financial, genetic, social, military, nuclear weapon or pandemic engineering do not have a binary to create unity. They engineer very little of lasting benefit for the great body of people and have mostly compounded distress. Monetary engineering for example has ensured that the central bank issue of unlimited money, has ended up concentrated in the hands of a few people. When wealth and its power becomes centered in a few hands, then entrepreneurs are unable to compete. As a result many millions of people, do not have work or funds to repay their debt. The central bank response is to print money for corporations or billionaires to buy up these distressed mortgages and the rich get richer, while normal people lose their homes and livelihoods.

“Nations are not ruined by one act of violence, but gradually and in an almost imperceptible manner by depreciation of their circulating currency, through its excessive quantity.” Nicolaus Copernicus 1473-1543

Nicolaus Copernicus was educated in the Polish University of Krakow. In the Italian University of Padua and he received a doctorate in canon law from the Italian University of Bologna. Copernicus was not only an acclaimed Renaissance era scholar, he was a gifted mathematician, an astronomer, a practicing physician, a governor, a diplomat and an economist. In his native Poland, he was assigned with the economic task of monetary reform. It is how he developed the Copernican Quantity Theory of Money and formulated what is known in economics today as Gresham’s law. It was 43 years later that Queen Elizabeth 1 of England, appointed Sir Thomas Gresham to rectify the state finances and he famously applied the Copernican QTM.

Copernicus a gifted astronomer and mathematician was the first person to make the astronomical deduction that the earth moves around the sun. It took another 89 years before Galileo famously published his proof of this astounding natural phenomenon. The Copernican Heliocentric System is now a conventionally accepted fact and has completely revolutionized science.

There is one other astounding discovery, for which Copernicus will be regarded as the most extraordinary gifted genius to have ever lived. In his book ‘On The Revolution Of Heavenly Spheres,’ he astoundingly formulated the Copernican Binary of Binaries. It is the science that will revolutionize the world and make all of our existing models obsolete.

The formula concludes that every effect or outcome in the Universe, is the result of a binary fusion of two elements. Like his other astounding discoveries, when the binary by which everything single thing in the universe works, is understood and accepted as conventional fact. This astounding Copernican science, will change the destiny of the world and is the guarantee of a near utopian existence that will benefit humanity forever.


“These things which I am saying now may be obscure, yet they will be made clearer in their proper place”

  • “First of all, we must note that the Universe is spherical.”
  • “In a circle, beginning and end cannot be distinguished from each other.”
  • The motion of a sphere is rotation in a circle.” (the perpetual circular motion of energy or active element)
  • Everything within a sphere, has to conform with the whole.” (the stable or passive element)

Today, just as it would have been back then, which is 478 years ago and even going back a further 4,780 years. The most overlooked scientific fact, the least understood fact and probably the most important scientific fact, is that the Universe is spherical. Energy is the force that determines every motion and emotion. When it is encapsulated within a sphere, energy moves around and around within the Universe in continuous circular movements. The perpetual circular motion of energy within the Universe, explains why nothing can remain static forever, there is continual change. The astounding phenomenon of the circular motion of energy, is what determines natural shapes and explains recurring cycles.

We have habitually learned to think that cause and effect, is a linear event which occurs as a result of an action. However, all movement is circular and linear logic does not adequately explain cause and effect. Within any sphere of activity, a cause must always have a binary. The Copernican binary of binaries, relates the binary of cause and effect to a sphere and this provides the correct scientific dimension to our understanding.

Because energy is encapsulated in the spherical Universe, the perpetual flow of energy is always available for use. A binary with energy is the natural requirement for all life in the Universe. To correctly harness energy, requires having the binary of a passive. For example to create electricity voltage, requires the binary of passive resistance to fuse with the active electrically charged current. The ongoing search to create nuclear fusion, involves the search to discover the correct energy binary. To create a fire, there must be a fusion of combustible material which is the passive binary and a spark which is the energy or the active element.

The Copernican measure can be defined as the calmness of passive stability, which coupled with activity (energy), is the binary science of cause and effect. The cause always involves a binary fusion of two elements and this produces the effect! Provided that the binary has a correct passive, then the desired effect is produced. A positive cause produces a positive effect, harmony is assured and everything has perfect order. “Measure what can be measured, and make measurable what cannot be measured.” – Galileo

To employ the passive in day to day activities simply give your full focus, on attention to detail. Like the center of a wheel, that precise point is the still point that connects with everything throughout its sphere. It is the passive that is learnt by all master crafts people, artists, great intellectuals, teachers, specialists, horticulturalists, scientists, statesmen and women.

Copernicus was deadly accurate in his observations and there is no ambiguity whatsoever, the correct binary for every action comes from science and not from an ideology. With a correct passive, like a well oiled machine, everything works exactly as it should. There is absolutely no need whatsoever to have the intrusive imposition of technological control, genetically modified foods, cyber currencies, obscene wealth inequality or unrealistic ideologies. In a correct system for the world there should be no need whatsoever for the bureaucracy of a myriad of laws, rules and regulations, rigged markets or pandemic engineering. “To know that we know what we know, and to know that we do not know what we do not know, that is true knowledge.” – Nicolaus Copernicus

The three most precious things in life are an adequate supply of sustenance, the enjoyment of company and the freedom to engage in commerce.

An adequate supply of sustenance depends on the ecological sphere. The binary of the sun is the passive that sustains the ecology of the whole world. The sun is the correct binary to naturally replenish and nourish all life on the planet. It does so without any need whatsoever for the questionable intrusion of corporate, genetic engineering or biological engineering!

The enjoyment of company depends on the civilization sphere. It is centered on the passive of the family unit and the ethics of family values. The family is the correct binary that ensures the whole of society has an assured calm stability and perpetually renews. To have a completely stable and civilized society, does not require the questionable intrusion of social engineering, religious engineering or military engineering!

The freedom to engage in commerce depends on the economic sphere. When choosing the perfect sovereign binary to be used for money. Gold is indestructible and accepted as monetary wealth everywhere in the world. Gold bullion in the treasury is a fully accountable asset that belongs to the people. It has existed as stable monetary wealth to provide currency for several thousands of years. As gold is physically indestructible and maintains its value over time, it naturally binds people to activities and structures which ensure they have lasting prosperity “of the people, by the people, for the people”. Gold in treasury can be added to, it can also be revalued and it can be used as wealth to back the currency.

The passive wealth of gold as currency is the correct binary to reset a broken economy. It provides assured stability and an economy in which wealth is continually renewed. A truly productive and sustainable economy, does not require the questionable intrusive financial engineered boom and following depression of the central banks issue of limitless debt finance!

The sun, the family and gold are stable, passive, indestructible and inviolable. The binary of each, the sun, the family and gold, wholly relates to their own respective spheres of activity. They are the binary that are virtually guaranteed to determine the perfect outcome. These extra extraordinary binary do not require the intrusive ideology of bureaucratic control and they are more than sufficient to naturally maintain a flourishing ecology, civilization and economy!

To understand the correct binary of cause and effect that governs how everything in the natural world works, is by definition the purpose of science. “In the order of nature, the cause must precede the effect, even though it appears to follow in point of time, and since every positive effect must have a positive cause.” – Galileo

When science is based on the binary principles of the spherical Universe, we untangle the world wide web of confusion. The world resets to the binary of a sphere which provides the foundations for a natural cyclical agriculture, civilization and commerce.

Farming and fishing work with the natural cycle to produce all the foods we eat. The next generations of farmer, fishermen or women will continue to work the same land and the same waterways.

The family cycle and the tradition of father, mother, sons and daughters, is the natural cycle of human renewal by which the entire world is civilized. All generations try to carry on this exact same caring tradition.

Commerce backed by the monetary wealth of gold, is generally debt free and can perpetually maintain a level playing field that allows equal opportunity for all citizens. As an indestructible physical element, the quantity of gold mined has increased in a similar proportion to population growth. Gold has always maintained its purchasing value and like water or land, it will still be available for use in the next generation of economic activity.

When a passive binary such as the sun, family or gold conjoins with activity, its stability gives rise to meaningful motion and genuine emotion. Each is a passive with an awesome binary. It appears to be effortless, yet it sustains and nourishes all the things that we truly value in life: “The sun with all the planets around it and depending on it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as though it had nothing else in the Universe to do.” – Galileo

When we individually embrace the passive binary, it will initiate a new renaissance of knowledge that will lead to tremendous discoveries and achievements. A time of enlightenment and creativity in all aspects of education, arts, music, language, societal well-being, commerce, enterprise and all the sciences: “Passion is the genesis of genius” – Galileo

Just as with the astounding heliocentric model for the world and the quantity theory of money. With a binary that is based on the spherical Universe, humanity can enjoy the calm assured confidence of a flourishing economic and emotionally dignified world. To create this near utopian existence, Copernicus has provided the world with the irrefutable scientific formula of all formulae, it makes all our existing models obsolete: A passive that harmonizes with a sphere of activity, is absolutely certain to create the perfect result!

David Bryan writes about the extraordinary science of a binary and other revolutionary perfected knowledge on www.purposeofscience.com and Two World Systems by David Bryan is available on Kindle Books.


David Bryan
email: davidbryan@mail.com

Disclaimer: David Bryan has an economics degree from Trinity College Dublin and ran his own international business for many years. Published a book on Tibetan Science and in a world which has become increasingly specialized. Discovered that the founders of western science recommended a completely different system to ideologies.

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