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Black Tusk Resources: There's blood on the streets - It's up to my ankles

Kevin Dougan
Posted Sep 5, 2018

The late great Jim Morrison of the Doors penned these famous words in the song Peace Frog which has nothing to do with tranquility or an amphibian. What it does have to do with is the current fate of the price of Gold. Sadly, from my perspective, blood is up to my chinny chin-chin. While that is dismal news for me it is a screaming opportunity for those with money on the sidelines waiting to get in. Let’s delve into this further and see if we can come up with an opportunity to cash in.

Human nature is such that it is a monkey see monkey do world. Society as a whole and investors have an inbred herd mentality. It is the rare few who are bold enough to think on their own and become a contrarian. It involves risk but the rewards can be great. Right now, is the time to be accumulating Gold when it is at rock bottom prices and to especially select Junior Miners that will catapult to the heavens when Gold finishes this unwarranted correction. Gold is Money … end of story …it was money in the days of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob and will be again in the not too distant future when the printing presses run out of ink or paper.

We are preached to by the pundits, politicians & the Federal Reserve, that there is no inflation. Today we are being fed the narrative there is no inflation and the dollar is King.

Excuse me, we the nation that prints dollars ad nauseum is $21.4 Trillion dollars in debt. Go to my website homepage www.kdblueskymarketing.com and look at the National Debt clock. I kid you not, it goes up over $80,000 every single second. It is mind-boggling how in debt this country is yet they are smashing the Gold price as the mighty US dollar rules the day. Ladies and Gentlemen the Emperor has no clothes and soon someday the world will cringe in horror as what lies hidden behind the curtain becomes plain to see. Uncle Sam is tapped out and so is the rest of the world.

Now there are some reasons for “King Dollars” current surge. The U.S. tariffs, an underperforming Europe, Brexit as well as the Turkish Lira and Argentine Peso meltdown. It’s like the Bizzaro World, Seinfeld episode. Compounding it is the herd is piling on by shorting Gold further adding pressure to pummel the price.

The great news for gold investors is eventually they will have to cover their short positions someday and what is down then must come up. If that happens suddenly with a war type event or currency collapse the shorts literally will be caught with their britches down. That could finally begin the ignition that gets Gold screaming for the heavens. History dictates Gold goes up slowly at first, then quickly, dramatically and definitively.

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I am not a technical analyst nor chartist but for the last 40 years September - October are the two best months for Mining Stocks. Check your calendar and presto … now is the time to buy with both hands.

This all brings me to a gold exploration company that I have been following over the last few months, Black Tusk Resources. Things are about to get extremely interesting for Black Tusk Shareholders very soon. A trenching and sampling project are set for mid-September. I spoke to TUSK geologist, Perry Grunenberg and picked his brain and found out a little about his background and how he became part of the team.

Perry has been a Geologist for over 30 years and has worked and explored all over BC and Alaska. He has worked for the Frank Lang Group who was the last company to explore and probe the Goldsmith area and knows first-hand from Frank how much untapped potential this land package might yield. This is actually a blessing as he will see it with fresh eyes and will not be overly influenced by previous data. Frank was very high on this area but sadly ran out of funds during the Gold price collapse of 2012.

Perry will however have the advantage of the latest technology including a LIDAR flyover which maps terrain in very fine detail. This property was mined in the 1930’s and he feels the newest data could unveil old waste dumps and tailings that have been hidden and buried which could really reveal hidden secrets. They are permitted to excavate and trench 10 areas which the LIDAR hopefully will enhance and narrow down into juicy targets. The average size will be about 30 meters long by 2 meters wide. It should allow enough for each to be about half ton bulk sample. These bulk samples will be sent to a neighboring mill to the south who will help the Tusk crew access what they have.

This will give a very good indication as to what the potential holds for the future drilling. The bulk sample will be a real guide to what da Boyz have on their hands. Urban Definition- DaBoyz: A group of young males with a bond stronger than the universe itself.

Hopefully this being a nuggety type system will be able to find some really juicy samples. These types of systems can hold staggering amounts of Gold and one quarter of all Canada’s Gold comes from these types of deposits. They are very hard to find and luck plays a role as you can miss a large nugget by inches and never know it. That is why having current technology could really be a game changer for Goldsmith and Black Tusk as the data is so much more accurate and refined.

Over the past 30 years, Perry has done underground mining in the Toodoggone region in central BC at the Lawyers Mine, hence he has that experience to glean from when exploring and interpreting Goldsmith for TUSK. Perry is a tri-athlete and marathon runner, which is a major passion of his when he’s not rock hunting.

Richard Penn, TUSK CEO & da Boyz have an exciting and hopefully epic experience awaiting this next month. Mining is a crap shoot but with LIDAR guided assistance that was never available to Goldsmith before and boundless enthusiasm and a little luck this is what grass roots mining is all about. Exciting times, exciting expectations!!!

Bob Moriarty and www.321gold.com are sitting at the ready to spread any good news to an eager audience known to have very deep pockets. No one moves a stock for Junior Miners like Mr. Moriarty when he gives something a thumbs up.

Maurice Jackson of www.provenandprobable.com I believe is following also. I have met Mr. Jackson and if you are not familiar with his work you are missing out. There is no finer gentlemen in this business and he has many peers who feel the same. A listing for Black Tusk on the US markets is expected before the year is out and that will only help broaden the appeal. The stage is set, it is all systems go. If TUSK hits something juicy with only 14 million shares outstanding….it’s blast off.

Black Tusk Resources CSE: TUSK Share Price/.20 CENTS

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50-year Gold Chart … does this look like a bear or just a pause in a prolonged bull? I think Jim Morrison would sing, Gold is about to “Break on through to the other Side”


Kevin Dougan
website: www.blueskymarketing.com

This article is for information purposes only. It is certainly not investment advice. It is written after doing his own due diligence which is what all investors must do. Take full responsibility when considering any investment decision. Kevin Dougan owns a contract marketing firm for Junior Miners. Black Tusk Resources is a client.

Blue Sky Marketing is a contract marketing firm connecting under valued Jr. Miners with interested investors. It is run by Kevin Dougan, a former IR person and 15 year successful investor and follower of the Jr. Mining Sector.

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