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This week in gold

Jack Chan
Sep 24, 2007

GLD - on buy signal as of 9/04.


SLV - on buy signal as of 8/31.


GDX - on buy signal as of 8/31.


XGD.TO - on buy signal as of 8/31.


It was another great week to be invested in the gold sector. All ETFs remain on buy signals, therefore, we continue to sit tight. From corresponding with many public readers, it is apparent that a very large percentage of traders are currently on the sideline, with some of them actually short and suffering a significant drawdown. It is not my business to interfere with other analysts' methodologies and recommendations, therefore, I welcome your emails but cannot provide you with any specific advice other than how our trading models are currently positioned.

We do not offer predictions or forecasts for the markets. What you see here is our simple trading model which provides us the signals and set ups to be either long, short, or in cash at any given time. Entry points and stops are provided in real time to subscribers, therefore, this update may not reflect our current positions in the markets. Trade at your own discretion.

End of update

Sep 22, 2007
Jack Chan
email: jack@simplyprofits.org
website: www.simplyprofits.org

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