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Current signals and positions

Jack Chan
posted Mar 6, 2007

After a week of heavy selling, many public readers have asked if this is now a good buying opportunity. There will be opportunities this week for short term scalpers, as the metals are deeply oversold and should see a relief bounce. But for position traders, our current signals suggest being in cash or short are the only viable positions.

GLD - sell signal on 2/27 ended the buy signal of January.

SLV - also on a sell signal ending the buy signal of January.

GDX - sell signal on 2/28 ended the buy signal of January.

XGD.TO - Cdn traders also had a sell signal on 2/27 ending the buy signal of January.


The gold sector is on a sell signal and traders should be in cash or short.

For our subscribers, we moved into 50% bonds and 50% cash during the week of 2/04 and have been there since.

End of update.

Mar 4, 2007
Jack Chan
email: jack@simplyprofits.org
website: www.simplyprofits.org