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The Security And Prosperity Partnership Places One's Life Savings At Great Risk

Jan Allen
Aug 24, 2006


The Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) was signed at Baylor University on March 23, 2005; it is the plan to replace existing governments with state corporate rule over the entire North America continent.

At the Cancun Summit, March 31, 2006, the three presidents called for the "trilateral regulatory cooperation framework" -- the "executive branch of state corporate rule" to be in place by 2007.


New North American governance will be hyperinflationary with the dollar eventually becoming worthless.  One is wise to transfer all of one's wealth out of fiat investments (stocks, bonds, money market accounts, and ETFs) to the physical security of gold.

I.   The History of the Security and Prosperity Partnership and Related Multinational Agreements

A.  March 23, 2005

The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) was signed March 23, 2005 by the three presidents of North America: George Bush, Vincente Fox and Paul Martin; it established a de facto North American Union. 

The SPP was signed at America's leading Baptist University -- Baylor University

The SPP is a Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) Document

The SPP dissimulates the words democracy and democratic; the traditional meaning of the word democracy means people vote on rulers who act in the peoples interest; the new meaning of the word democracy means stakeholders meet and make decisions that they claim to be in the be in the interests of the people.

The SPP reveals the new democratic process at work: Stakeholders meet and by agreement they produce joint documents which call for democratic institutions consisting of summits  councils  and working groups  which in turn produce frameworks and public private partnerships; these replace sovereign nations, constitutional law and historical law.

The SPP provides for a common region of global governance that being the North American Continent

The SPP called this region "home" as revealed in the US Dept. Of State Press Release  which states: "we will ensure that North America remains the most economically dynamic region of the world and a secure home for our people in this and future generations."  Thus the SPP established the North American Homeland.

In short, the SPP calls for a new economic and political order, one founded upon public private partnerships for state corporate rule over the people.

B.  March 30, 31, 2006

Stakeholders in the North American Union, that is government ministers and business executives, met at the Cancun Summit and came forth with three documents; these are as significant as the Magna Charta or The U.S. Constitution. The documents for the Age of Security and Prosperity are:

The SPP Progress

The SPP Next Steps 

Cancun Summit's Leaders Statement  anticipates a continental wide emergency; preparations for management of such an event were called for and these have been implemented.

II.   The Future

A coming continental wide event: possibly the outbreak of a bird flu pandemic, possibly the unavailability of gasoline due to a war with Iran, will necessitate deployment of military forces.

Under the security terms of the SPP, the World Outcomes Document, and bilateral security agreements with Mongolia and other nations, Global Peacekeepers and Blackwater USA security guards will be deployed by NORTHCOM for the Homeland's security and order

This will effectuate the North American Union and begin state corporate rule through the Cancun Summit's Trilateral Regulatory Cooperative Framework.

The presence of foreign troops will not be well received -- an economic tsunami will make landfall:  within days the stock market will loose thousands of dollars, purchases of automobiles and homes will cease, people will become unemployed, bankruptcies will soar, inflation roar, interest rates go up, house mortgages go into foreclosure, the value of the dollar collapse, and pension-plans fail: all in rapid succession.

Wealth and jobs will be gone overnight, there will be two classes: the haves (those connected to the government) and the have-nots. The working, lower, middle, upper middle class will all be combined into one. 

III.   Financial Security Is Found In Owning Gold.

Gold entered into a period of price stability beginning in mid July 2006.

Gold has completed a 3 wave up.  Alf Field has suggested a target for the peak of wave V at $818. 

He subsequently has revised his Elliot wave count and now relates that gold may easily go much, much higher; which is something that I totally agree with but his higher figures are probably at two years out.

Gold at $610 to $640 presents the last opportunity to buy gold before it rises again to $700, $800 and even beyond. is a convenient service that purchases and stores one's gold.  One should also store gold on one's property: like buried under concrete where one, at a time of need, can physically dig it up and use it as necessary.

IV.  Alternatives to Physical Ownership of Gold

A.   Some have suggested a Gold ETF such as GLD or IAU; however, these ETFs not real assets 

B.  Some have suggested buying the ETF GDX  which is based upon the gold stock index HUI or buying or the Mutual Fund MIDSX  as a means of participating with any rise in gold prices.

B-1) Many relate that gold stock ownership has produced excellent results, having risen even faster gold when the commodity came forth from its all time low in 2000 and that such past performance is indicative future performance.                                                                                                  

And, those who advocate gold stocks, suggest that now is the right time to rotate to the gold sector, given a number of factors which include: the stability of gold's price, the likelihood of a war with Iraq and a breakout signal in the HUI which is shown below.

I do not see this as a breakout signal at all: I perceive it to be a low pole reversal in a bear market trap.

B-2) There are a number of dangers in investing in gold stocks.

The first danger is the volatility risk of gold stocks. For example, the Midas Precious Metal Fund fell 40% when gold fell from its May high.  Now granted, that fall was related to the fall in the price of gold, something that is unlikely to repeat itself within the next year; nevertheless, there is the risk of rapid price decline.  Should gold stocks fall out of favor within the investment community, which is a possibility given that the price earnings ratio of the HUI Index stocks is 31, one could over the period of a single week, loose a significant portion of one's investment. 

The second risk is the danger that gold stocks having risen so greatly in value, will simply not rise with the price of gold, as those who are already invested may take their profits leaving one "holding a falling investment." This potential is seen in the HUI Chart From 1996 To 2006: one can visually see the terrific run-up in gold stock values.

And as seen in more detail, since the HUI's low of 35.99 on 11-04 2000, it has expanded 10 fold in almost 6 years; this indicates that gold mining stocks are terrifically overvalued and are operating from investor mania rather than any judicious sense of reasoning: these stocks will fall precipitously when investor sentiment changes.

The risk of the gold stocks not rising with gold, is real indeed when one looks at the XAU chart, and observes that it is forming a triple top at $148 and that these peaks lie outside of the historic upward channel.

And a final indication of the overvalued status of gold stocks, is found in the graph of Exxon Mobil compared to the HUI: In the past five years, Exxon Mobil which pays a dividend has risen 60%, while the gold stocks have risen 400%. This indicates that the risk of the gold stocks falling rapidly compared to the natural resource stocks is great; and from the work of Tim Wood, I believe that even venerable Exxon Mobil is going to fall in value.

V.  Conclusion

Paul Craig Roberts writes on the Gullible Americans   How about you, are you gullible?  Do you believe that George Bush has your security and prosperity in mind; do you believe that gold stocks are a storehouse of wealth providing protection in time of terror and war?

The discerning individual realizes that the Globalists have had a goal to own America for a long time and that the Security And Prosperity Partnership is simply their working plan to control mankind and global wealth; and as such, the discerning person invests in gold to protect his life's savings.

Jan Allen

321gold Inc