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05/12/2008 Soaring interest rates
03/26/2007 Pay attention to China
01/21/2007 A massive transfer of wealth
10/10/2006 Back to basics
09/25/2006 Jewelry, the economy and gold
09/18/2006 Wait for gold to decouple from base metals
09/09/2006 Will China really save the world?
07/31/2006 Bells Ringing
07/21/2006 What are they thinking?
07/17/2006 Trouble Brewing
07/03/2006 Looks like the worst is over, but...
06/16/2006 The Better Sleep Principle
06/06/2006 Waiting patiently
05/30/2006 Musing on a Gold Standard
05/01/2006 Jewelry demand and the gold price
04/27/2006 Putting the US debt into perspective
04/07/2006 More debt, not less
04/04/2006 Why the gold rally will continue
03/08/2006 Change is upon us
04/08/2005 Word from The World Bank
08/16/2004 Ripping off the poor
07/02/2004 Economists and the economy
05/16/2004 When will the gold bull market resume?
04/16/2004 The deficit, the economy & the price of gold
03/29/2004 Is the current rise in the gold price sustainable?
02/06/2004 Predicting the gold price