Damn the Manholes! Full Speed Ahead!

Barb Moriarty
September 22, 2004

If the success of a mining/investment conference was a direct result of the enthusiasm of the organisers and sponsors, then for sure The Silver Summit 2004 in Coeur d'Alene and Wallace, Idaho is The Best of The Best -- before it's even started.

The Silver Valley is positively beside itself with excitement.

I am broken hearted that I am not there myself. Bob and I had planned to go, if for no other reason than to meet the infamous Mogambo Guru, with whom - although he lives but a few hours north of us in Florida - we have so far been unable to manage nothing more than a few (wordy!) chinwags on the phone.

But Bob had a big China trip planned that couldn't be scheduled around the Silver Summit, and I dropped out, truth be known, because I've been a bit under the weather lately, and I just couldn't face the long journey, alone. And as it turns out, it's fortunate that I didn't go, because I'm down with a rotten chest cold, grrrrrr, choke.

But I'm certainly there in spirit, and plan to be on the hotline to the Silver Valley at every opportunity over the next few days. Indeed, I was on the red phone at 1:15 Pacific this very afternoon, to personally welcome the MoGu - who in future, will be known as The Masked Rider of The Plains (TMROTP) - to the Sleepless Valley, and to check up that he had managed to borrow a pair of warm shoes for the trip. By the way, he did forget to take his fiddle.

By all accounts there are going to be upwards of 400 people at the Summit, which is truly astounding considering Idaho is so darned awkward to get to from everywhere except Idaho. Although according to Ray deMotte and the other Sleeplessniks, Wallace is probalistically the Center of the Universe. And as you may have read already, there is to be a big knees up at precisely 9PM Pacific on Saturday, when the city fathers will dedicate the new, specially-made sewer manhole cover, to mark the spot. If you look closely at the picture above, you will see the mining company symbols on The Cover!

Off the record, and strictly as devil's advocate, I did happen to mention to Ray DeMotte that some of the rest of the world may view this Sewer Manhole Dedication "Feature" as a sign that the Silver Valley had completely lost its marbles. Whereupon he became ultra defensive, and I think if it had been anyone other than me - a fellow Northern Brit, fellow smoker too, no less - posing that outrageous suggestion, he'd have crossed me off his Christmas card list, before you could say "boo!" to a goose.

Anyway, Guys and Gals, Happy (Here's your tune, Ray/Dave/Richard) Silver Summit! to one and all.

September 22, 2004
Barb Moriarty


SILVER SUMMIT 2004 Schedule

Thursday Sept. 23, 2004 $100.00 MINE TOURS
6:00 AM Mine tours @ Lucky Friday, Galena, Bunker Hill, Golden Chest. Transportation from Coeur d'Alene Inn to Wallace, Mullan and Murray.
7:00 AM Arrive at mines ready to tour.
8:00 AM Kimberly Shareholders meeting-Breakfast, Coeur d'Alene Inn.
10:00 AM Jason Hommel: Silver is Money workshop, Idaho Room.  Open to the Public.
1:00 PM Lunch at the Snake Pit for Mine Tour attendees
2:00 PM Geological Round Table Discussion-Moderator, David Morgan. Norm Radford, Stan Huff, Geologist from each mining property.  Idaho Room
5:00 PM David Morgan: For the Private Investor. Idaho Room. Reserved seating only, fee $99.00

Friday, September 24th
6:00 AM REGISTRATION with coffee
8:00 AM WELCOME by Pennaluna & Company
            INTRODUCTION by Robert Hopper, The New Bunker Hill Mining Company 
8:15 AM Dr. Glen Almquist: History of the Silver Valley
8:40 AM David Morgan silver-investor.com Silver Fundamentals
9:20 AM Phillips S. Baker, Jr., President, Hecla Mining Company
10:20 AM Dennis E. Wheeler, CEO, Coeur d'Alene Mines Corporation
10:45 AM Fred Brackebusch, CEO, New Jersey Mining Company
11:30 AM Glenn Dobbs, CEO, Mines Management
Noon LUNCH on your own
1:00 PM WELCOME BACK by Robert Hopper
1:10 PM Keynote: "Mogambo Guru" Richard Daughty, "The Angriest Guy in Economics"
1:45 PM Silver Valley Juniors Penny Stocks
Shoshone Silver, Timberline Resources,  Mascot Silver, others TBA
2:30 PM Canadian Mining Companies: Silver Crest, Tumi Resources,  Pan American Silver, Canadian Zinc, Minera Andes, others TBA
3:45 PM Laura Skaer, Executive Director, Northwest Mining Association
4:15 PM WRAP-UP Robert Hopper, owner The New Bunker Hill Mining Company
5:00 PM COCKTAIL HOUR, hosted by Pennaluna

Saturday, Sept. 25th $75.00
(Silver Valley tour day with Robert Singletary etc.)
8:00 AM Motorcoach departs Coeur d'Alene Inn
9:00 AM Bunker Hill Mine, Kellogg, Idaho
10:00 AM New Jersey Mine, Elizabeth Park, Idaho
11:30 AM Sunshine Mine Big Creek, Idaho
12:30 PM Mining Heritage Exhibition, Wallace, Idaho (I-90,  exit 61)
1:00 PM Arrive in Downtown Historic Wallace
                  Lunch at Jameson Saloon
                  Celebration Carriage Company horse with buggy rides throughout Wallace
                  Museum & Sierra Silver Mine tours and Crystal Gold Mine
2:00 PM  
OPTION - Investing in the Silver Valley - Round table discussion at Wallace Elks:  D. Bond, R. DeMotte, G. Almquist, D. Lavigne, Silver Mountain, Dave Smith Motors
4:00 PM Motorcoach departs Wallace to return to Coeur d'Alene
5:00 Arrive Coeur d'Alene

Saturday Evening
Silver Summiteer Dinner
Wallace Elks

6:00 PM Cocktails (no host)
7:00 PM Dinner

Sunday, September 26, 2004
9:00 AM Breakfast at the Best Western, Wallace

All proceeds inure to the benefit of the Silver Valley Mining Association (www.silverminers.org) for public education purposes.

Host companies of the 3-day (Sep 23-25) Silver Summit 2004 include Hecla Mining Co. (HL), Coeur d'Alene Mines Corp. (CDE), Pan American Silver (PAAS), Silver Standard Resources (SSRI), Canadian Zinc (CZN), Endeavour Silver (EDR), Lakota Resources (LAK), Mag Silver (MSLRF), Macmin Silver (MCAJF), the New Bunker Hill Mining Co., Mines Management (MGN), Sterling Mining Co (SRLM) and New Jersey Mining Co. (NJMC). Amongst junior hosting companies are Vindicator Silver-Lead (VINS), Mascot Silver-Lead (MSLM), Idaho-General (IGMI), Silver Buckle Mining Company (SBUM), Little Squaw Gold (LITS), Mineral Mountain (MMMM), Shoshone Silver (SHSH), and Timberline Resources (TBLC). Presenters include David Morgan of Silver-Investor.com, and the "Mogambo Guru," Richard Daughty.