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Olivia update

We are fragile

email from John Mackenzie
recv'd Tues 11 May 2004
22:03 EST

God's inbox must be close to full.

There is no approximate to which I can satisfactorily summarize the outpouring of support my family has received from many communities. It has been nothing short of overwhelming. What you have offered has been received by the grace of god. We have been blessed.

Olivia's MRI came back negatively for any signs of tumor and infection/swelling in her brain. She was removed from her respirator at 1:12pm today and is now breathing on her own. We were told she is not out of the woods by any stretch, but I am deeply encouraged by this simple fact: when I grasped her hand and whispered I was there with her, she replied "hi daddy," promptly passing out thereafter.

Believe in miracles, believe in your fellow man and woman.

I can tell you with all the conviction in my soul, your prayers and fellowship have made every difference to us. What was abject horror is now faith revealed. We have no answers, but we do have immense signs of improvement and for that we are thankful.

My life motto remains, "We have an obligation to one another," and you have fulfilled yours in ways that I cannot begin to repay, rest assured I will appropriately answer every email, phone call and letter, in time. We are deeply grateful for the support and compassion given by each and every one of you.

My daughter's life was saved three times, firstly by Barry Van Wagner and Suzy Karr; again at Martin Memorial Hospital by Dr. David Melzer, Dr. Larry Mufson and Dr. John Afshar; and by You. I am simply stunned by the outpouring of support that has arrived.

We are fragile and in our fragility we find strength through one another. My daughter, Olivia Grace Mackenzie has found your love and in kind I have rediscovered life's truth. What is so seemingly simple is often lost in the quest for more, when everything you could ever want or need lays before you.

I look forward to the day I can begin to contribute again to each of your lives and wanted to share a picture of my daughter with you.


John Mackenzie
May 11, 2004

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