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The [current] Energy Report Phil Flynn 321energy
09/23/2020 Is QE Good For Gold Prices?  Tom McClellan  321gold 
09/22/2020 Gold $1788: A Key Price For Investors  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
09/21/2020 Defiance Silver Ready for Higher Prices  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
09/20/2020 The Rosen Market Timing Letter  Ron Rosen  321gold 
09/19/2020 Masks are for Sheep  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
09/18/2020 Gold Stocks: Key Breakout Levels To Watch  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
09/18/2020 Gold Overboughtness Risk  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
09/17/2020 Calibre Delivers 149.4 g/t Gold  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
09/17/2020 L@@K Amazon Kindle Books by...  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
09/15/2020 GSP Resources Begins Drill Program  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
09/15/2020 Fed Meet: A Key Catalyst For Gold?  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
09/14/2020 This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
09/14/2020 SKI #242 Intact Bull  Jeff Kern  321gold 
09/11/2020 Miners Consolidate & Dollar Trendline Snaps  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
09/11/2020 Big Gold-ETF Buying MIA  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
09/10/2020 Cheap at $2000 an ounce  Nagasundaram  321gold 
09/09/2020 Figures Don’t Lie but Inca Kola Does  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
09/09/2020 Silver – Rolling from Resistance  Bob Hoye  321gold 
09/08/2020 Gold & Stock Market: Key Tactics Now  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
09/05/2020 Silver Achieves Targeted Resistance  Bob Hoye  321gold 
09/04/2020 Stock Market Danger With Metals Resilient  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
09/04/2020 Gold-Stock Correction Mode  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
09/04/2020 The Rosen Market Timing Letter  Ron Rosen  321gold 
09/04/2020 FYI Labor/Labour Day Holiday Schedule   321gold 
09/03/2020 Gold Market: An Expanding Triangle  captainewave  321gold 
09/01/2020 Silver At $140: Can It Really Happen?  Stewart Thomson  321gold 

External News

09/23/2020 Key Gold Ratios to Other Markets   NFTRH 
09/23/2020 The inflationary depression of the 2020s   TSI-Blog 
09/23/2020 The Bill for America's $50 Trillion Gluttony of Inequality Is Overdue   OTM 
09/23/2020 Federal Reserve Still Looking for Inflation. We Found It   IWB 
09/22/2020 Here We Go Again (Reprint From Sept 5)  John Rubino  DC 
09/22/2020 America A Failed State, That’s The First Stage Of Collapse   SB 
09/22/2020 Will Woke Jocks Kill the Goose That Lays the Golden Eggs?   UNZ 
09/22/2020 Michael Green On Detecting The Greatest Value In Markets Today   TFR 
09/21/2020 Stocks are Falling into Fall   TGR 
09/21/2020 China is killing the dollar   GoldMoney 
09/21/2020 A Warning of Economic Collapse   IWB 
09/21/2020 On Concerns about Turkey’s Financial Health, Lira Dives to New Low, Cost of Insuring Turkish Sovereign Debt Nearly Doubles   WS 
09/20/2020 2021: The Year of the Deadliest Vaccine   LR 
09/20/2020 The Millennials Are Coming For The Boomers’ Money: One Bank Sees Generational Conflict Breaking Out This Decade   CS 
09/20/2020 Great Time to Turn a Nest Egg into Scrambled Eggs   WS 
09/20/2020 Holding Up a Mirror to the First Global Stock Bubble   Yale 
09/19/2020 Robert Pringle Comments on The Telegraph Article -- When Money Dies, Gold Comes into its Own   LSWH 
09/19/2020 3 Reasons Silver Bulls Could Soon Be Handsomely Rewarded   Investing 
09/19/2020 YouTube Censors Video of Trump Coronavirus Adviser For Contradicting W.H.O.    TGWP 
09/19/2020 ‘Draconian’ restrictions around Covid-19 condemned by HSE doctor   IT 
09/18/2020 What’s the Price of Gold? It Depends  Keith Weiner  MM 
09/18/2020 Ben Strong and Alan Greenspan - Closing the Barn Door After the Horse Has Bolted   T92 
09/18/2020 How a Surefire Horse Lost by a Neck   RickAckerman 
09/17/2020 A Man's Gotta Know His Limitations   TBP 
09/17/2020 Why the Hoped-for Solution to Out-of-Control Government Debts Won’t Work This Time   WS 
09/17/2020 Copper price rallies as Chinese scrap shipments sink by 50%   Mining 
09/17/2020 In a little while from now, Covid will kill not just with sickness. There is another risk    ET 
09/16/2020 No Brains Needed for Gold Bull  Bob Moriarty  YT 
09/16/2020 Fed rates unchanged 0 to 1/4 percent  FOMC  Fed 
09/16/2020 The United Floor in Stocks  Doug Wakefield  BM 
09/16/2020 The Four D's That Define the Future   OTM 
09/16/2020 16 Of The Worst Predictions Ever Made By The New York Times   MH 
09/16/2020 The Wild Ride of the FANGMANTIS Stocks v. Rest of Market   WS 
09/15/2020 Money Creation Mechanics   TSI-Blog 
09/15/2020 California DA’s new policy to consider looters’ ‘needs’ before charging them   NYPost 
09/15/2020 Prudent Investing is Impossible These Days   TM 
09/14/2020 The Next Two Months Could Be Catastrophic In American History  Bob Moriarty  EAG 
09/14/2020 What to Buy in the Gold Correction  Bob Moriarty  StreetwiseReports 
09/14/2020 Stanley Druckenmiller says the stock market is in an ‘absolute raging mania’   CNBC 
09/14/2020 The link between vitamin D deficiency and Covid-19 in a large population   Medrxiv 
09/13/2020 Gold Stock Correction & Consolidation Continues   TDG 
09/13/2020 Why Markets Crash in the Fall   TRB 
09/13/2020 Silver Nearly Reaches $30/oz, Shades Of 2011 Rally   CEO 
09/13/2020 The pandemic is history   AT 
09/13/2020 Saudi Aramco Is Now Suffering The Consequences Of A Failed Oil Price War   OilPrice 
09/12/2020 Hospitals May Be Slow To Add Vitamin D To COVID-19 Treatment Regimens Because Of Loss Of Income   LR 
09/12/2020 Horowitz: E-MASK-ulation: How we have been lied to so dramatically about masks   TB 
09/12/2020 Unprecedented Stimulus Is Fueling an Explosion of Fraud, Governments Begin to Admit   WS 
09/12/2020 Inflation Is Stealth Austerity   OTM 
09/12/2020 Get The Big Prize for Silver   HubertMoolman 
09/11/2020 The Role of Gold in Surviving a Global Economic Abyss  Bob Moriarty  YT 
09/11/2020 ECB Buying Bank Stocks   AE 
09/11/2020 The Fed Bought No Bond ETFs (None, Zero, Zilch) in August. ETF Holdings Actually Fell   WS 
09/10/2020 The Future of the United States of America: Light after Darkness  Hugo Salinas Price  plata Must Read
09/10/2020 CDC Director Compares Rate of Suicides to COVID-19 Deaths   TH 
09/10/2020 Oil Prices Tank On Global Demand Concerns   IWB 
09/10/2020 The Coming Real Estate Crash Of 2021   PP 
09/09/2020 Labor Day: What Better Day to Demonstrate How Badly Finance Has Lost Its Way; The Tale of Two Photos   T92 
09/09/2020 Germany Admits There Never Has Been an Epidemiological Emergency!   AE 
09/09/2020 'The Notion That US Debt Can Ever Be Paid Back is Ridiculous', Analyst Says   sputnik 
09/08/2020 “Prolonged Period of Risk to Institutional and Retail Investors of Further – Possibly Significant – Market Corrections”   WS 
09/08/2020 In The Footsteps Of Rome: Maybe It No Longer Matters Who's Emperor   OTM 
09/08/2020 The law of long-term time preference and gold ownership   USAgold 
09/08/2020 Big Setback for the Unemployment Crisis: Week 24 of U.S. Labor Market Collapse   WS 
09/07/2020 Gold's Season to be Jolly ... or Folly?   Demeadville 
09/07/2020 Public health lessons learned from biases in coronavirus mortality overestimation   Cambridge 
09/07/2020 Fed Dials Up Inflation Target…Own Gold   TM 
09/07/2020 CDC Vindicates Dr. Bukacek, Indicts Itself   CBL 
09/07/2020 Prager: The Lockdown Has Gone From a Mistake to a Crime   HD 
09/06/2020 The Fauci Files   Mercola 
09/06/2020 Is The Apple Meltup About Done?? - options strategies...  Clive Maund  CM 
09/06/2020 Daniel Lacalle: Higher Inflation Won’t Help Household, Corporate Debt   TSL 
09/06/2020 Weak German retail sales dash hopes for strong recovery   CNBC 
09/05/2020 Fed is Hurling Money at the Biggest Problem of My Lifetime –  Bob Moriarty  CTS 
09/05/2020 Gold Tops $2,000 and Silver Soars   Sprott 
09/05/2020 Rents Plunge in San Francisco, New York. Other Expensive Cities, College Towns, Texas Oil Patch also Hit   WS 
09/05/2020 The Robinhood Rally   LR 
09/04/2020 The Zombie Companies Are Coming   WS 
09/04/2020 U.S. Expats Can’t Renounce Their Citizenship Fast Enough   Yahoo! 
09/03/2020 Stock Market’s Caged Bear about to Rattle Himself Loose!   TGR 
09/03/2020 Inflation - Dow 50,000 - Gold $50,000   GOLDswitzerland 
09/03/2020 €22Bn Hedge Fund H2O, Majority-Owned by Natixis, Ordered to Freeze Funds. Fishy Smells Emanate   WS 
09/03/2020 The Expert Model  Kevin Duffy  LR 
09/02/2020 What's Driving Gold, Silver and What's Next?   StreetwiseReports 
09/02/2020 Gold Ratio Charts Say This About 2021   TDG 
09/02/2020 Crescat Capital Quarterly Investor Letter Q2 2020   NVX 
09/02/2020 The Fed’s footprints are all over the financial markets   TSI-Blog 
09/02/2020 Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway buys stakes in Japan’s five leading trading companies   CNBC 
09/01/2020 Why do we Suffer one Financial Crisis After Another? Because People Like Lawrence Summers Remain in Charge   T92 
09/01/2020 Benchmark Extends Drill Program for 2020 to 100,000 Meters  Bob Moriarty  StreetwiseReports 
09/01/2020 The State of the American Restaurant, City by City   WS 
09/01/2020 CDC's latest update of COVID-19 deaths (quietly) reveals that only 6% of those 153,504 actually died of COVID-19   CDC 
09/01/2020 Dr. Petrella and the Dangers of the COVID Operation   MT 

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