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The [current] Energy Report Phil Flynn 321energy
08/31/2021 Gold Stocks: The Greatest Rally Begins Now?  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
08/30/2021 This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
08/27/2021 GDX: A Weekly Chart Bull Harami?  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
08/27/2021 Silver Miners' Q2'21 Fundamentals  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
08/26/2021 How Many Millions will the Covid Cult Kill Before People Wake Up?  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
08/24/2021 Silver: The Resurrection Begins Now  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
08/24/2021 This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
08/23/2021 SKI #258 Gold Stock Update: The master 92-96 index sold  Jeff Kern  321gold 
08/20/2021 Miners: Oversold But No Buy Signals Yet  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
08/20/2021 Gold Mid-Tiers' Q2'21 Fundamentals  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
08/17/2021 Gold & The Winds Of War  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
08/16/2021 Thoughts on the New Found Gold Brilliant Videos Part 3 and Part 4  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
08/13/2021 Gold Stocks: A Tradeable Rally Now?  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
08/13/2021 Gold Miners' Q2'21 Fundamentals  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
08/10/2021 The Golden Gridline Rules  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
08/09/2021 This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
08/06/2021 Gold Stocks: Filling The Gaps  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
08/06/2021 Big US Stocks' Q2'21 Fundamentals  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
08/03/2021 Riding The Gold Money Train  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
08/02/2021 SKI #257 Gold Stock Update: Corrective Low Completed?  Jeff Kern  321gold 
08/02/2021 This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 

External News

08/31/2021 7.5 Million Americans to Lose Jobless Benefits on Labor Day   ConsortiumNews 
08/31/2021 Ridiculous Bluff: Fed Threatens To “Get Aggressive” With Inflation   DC 
08/31/2021 A-D Line’s Troubling Divergence  Tom McClellan  McOscillator 
08/31/2021 Skin in the Game: FOMC Style   TM 
08/30/2021 The Delta Scam   TBP 
08/30/2021 Flush with Free Money, Americans Spent Heroic Amounts, but Inflation Ate it Up   WS 
08/30/2021 More service members have died from experimental mRNA   T 
08/30/2021 Fed Up with the Fed's Abuse of Power   OTM 
08/29/2021 Gold Stocks Very Oversold, But Need Macro Catalyst   TDG 
08/29/2021 BOMBSHELL UK data destroys entire premise for vaccine push   S&E 
08/29/2021 The narrative is crumbling. Something bad and big is going on   rumble 
08/29/2021 Powell Uses 1970s Inflation Spiral to Show How “Temporary” Becomes Persistent, as Fed’s Lowball Inflation Measure “Core PCE” Jumps Most since 1991   WS 
08/29/2021 Royalty bill will put Chile's private miners out of business, trade group says   Nasdaq 
08/28/2021 FDA Fraud: Pfizer’s Covid-19 “Vaccine” Was Not Approved, FDA Ratified a Non-Existent Off-Brand and Reaffirmed Pfizer’s EUA   GJ 
08/28/2021 Awareness and Acceptance in Trading   TF 
08/28/2021 Fully Vaccinated Healthcare Workers Carry 251 Times Viral Load, Pose Threat to Unvaccinated Patients, Co-Workers   CHD 
08/28/2021 End of the Era of Voracious Corporate Appetite for Office Space   WS 
08/28/2021 Inexplicable Times   HamburgersStand 
08/27/2021 Stock Market Risk Not Yet Realized   NFTRH 
08/27/2021 Notes From Underground: For What It’s Worth   Yragharris 
08/27/2021 I Don’t F*ckn Get It   TII 
08/26/2021 U.K. Parliament Holds Joe Biden In Contempt: “Catastrophic, Shameful” – U.S. Media Missed This One   TGWP 
08/26/2021 Stores Are Emptying Out with John Rubino  Kerry Lutz  FSN 
08/26/2021 Do Empty Shelves Count As Inflation?   DC 
08/26/2021 Technically Speaking: “Pet Rocks” & Other Signs Of A Rich Market   RIA 
08/25/2021 Silver Is Still Going to over $300  Peter Krauth  YT 
08/25/2021 Home Prices Dip for First Time off Crazy Spike, Price Reductions Surge   WS 
08/25/2021 The Upside of a Stock Market Crash   OTM 
08/25/2021 This divergence will matter soon….   IWB 
08/25/2021 Continued QE probably doing more harm than good   TRB 
08/24/2021 Ready For The Crash?   m-t 
08/24/2021 Gold and the ‘taper tantrum’   AOTH 
08/24/2021 Systemic Market Selloff On The Horizon?   IWB 
08/23/2021 A Pathologist Summary of what these Jabs do to the Brain and other Organs   BitChute 
08/23/2021 Education is in a State of Absolute Crisis   AE 
08/23/2021 The Fed Blinks On Taper, Bulls Buy The Dip Again   RIA 
08/23/2021 Microbiologist Explains COVID Jab Effects   Mercola 
08/23/2021 The Fed Says, “Let Me Squeeze Your Dollars…5 Basis Points at a Time”   TL 
08/22/2021 Why the Fed Could Be Driving the Economy Off a Cliff…   IWB 
08/22/2021 Why the Wheels Are Coming Off   OTM MUST READ
08/22/2021 Gold Stocks Breakdown. What’s Next?   TDG 
08/22/2021 The Extra $300/Week Unemployment Benefits Encouraged Many to Not Work: Details about the “Labor Shortage” Pile Up   WS 
08/22/2021 The Most Splendid Housing Bubbles in Canada Dogged by the Bank of Canada’s End of QE   WS 
08/21/2021 Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming!   LR MUST WATCH
08/21/2021 Resource nationalism sweeps Latin America’s top mining countries   Mining 
08/21/2021 The Looming Economic Collapse in the US Could Spark Historic SHTF   IWB 
08/21/2021 The Smart Money Has Already Sold   OTM 
08/21/2021 Daily COVID Deaths in Sweden Hit Zero, as Other Nations Brace for More Lockdowns   FEE 
08/20/2021 #DowJones vs #gold   CF 
08/20/2021 What’s Behind this Messed-Up Bond Market?   WS 
08/20/2021 Inside Nikola Tesla’s 3, 6, 9 Obsession And The Unusual Theories It Spawned   ATII 
08/19/2021 Surging Prices, Fading Stimulus, and Shift to Services: Americans Dent Historic Spike in Retail Sales   WS 
08/19/2021 Is Inflation Cooling and Putting in a Top? Could it be that I was wrong?   TGR 
08/19/2021 'Easy money': How international scam artists pulled off an epic theft of Covid benefits   NBCN 
08/19/2021 Silver Market Update - Perfect Buy Spot as Breakout into Major New Upleg Likely Soon...  Clive Maund  CM 
08/19/2021 All of the Evidence Is In: The Covid Vaccine Is a Failure   SGTR 
08/18/2021 Gold Market Update - Ready for Next Major Upleg & Great Entry Point...  Clive Maund  CM 
08/18/2021 Damning Letter to Macron from French Colonel   TNW 
08/18/2021 Gold Under Attack with  Martin Armstrong  FSN 
08/18/2021 Can’t Taper A Ponzi Scheme? Ray Dalio Says Fed Can’t Taper Despite What Fed, Wall St & PhD Econs Say   IWB 
08/18/2021 Eraserhead! The Fed Has Been Erasing US Dollar Purchasing Power (And Money Velocity) Since 1913   IWB 
08/17/2021 “The stupid will believe it and ask to be treated” Pandemic to DePopulate   AE 
08/17/2021 Dr. Zev Zelenko SLAYS Globalists, Exposes Global Genocidal Event   rumble 
08/17/2021 How Millennial Investors Lost Millions on Bill Ackman’s SPAC   II 
08/17/2021 Navy Commander Warns of National Security Threat from Mandatory Vaccination   Revolver 
08/17/2021 Palladium’s rally threatened by automakers’ pivot to platinum   Mining 
08/16/2021 Brace for Impact   Kunstler 
08/16/2021 The Vaccines: Awesome Ingenuity or A Huge Mistake?   YT 
08/16/2021 Why Big Government Statists Despise Gold   EP 
08/16/2021 More Price Hikes On Food & Consumer Items Coming Soon That The CPI Won’t Account For!   IWB 
08/15/2021 Ivermectin Wins in India   TDR 
08/15/2021 Socialist Venezuela to Slash 6 Zeros from Its Failed Currency   MoneyMetals 
08/15/2021 Jay Taylor: What Gold Volatility, Stanley Fischer, And CBDC Can Tell Us About The Future   DC 
08/15/2021 Container Port Chaos in China, Soaring Freight Rates, Spiking US Producer Prices   WS 
08/15/2021 Why Do Some People Support Tyranny While Others Defy It?   AM 
08/14/2021 Wall Street Journal Proves It Doesn’t Understand Gold   DC 
08/14/2021 Dear Fed: Are You Insane?   OTM 
08/14/2021 The Futures Market and “Paper” Trades   TT 
08/14/2021 Why commodities? Why now?   AOTH 
08/14/2021 Commodities and precious metals (versus US stock markets) make a new 100 YEAR low   CF 
08/13/2021 New Found Gold vs Kirkland Lake - Mega Epizonal Deposits - Part 3   YT 
08/13/2021 Gold and silver thrive in high-debt environments   AOTH 
08/13/2021 The State of the Small Business: Hiring Problems, Inventory Shortages, and Big Price Increases   WS 
08/13/2021 Looming Economic Crisis Threatens To Push Millions Of Americans Into Starvation: 8 Signs That USA Is On The Brink Of Collapse   SB 
08/12/2021 Gann Global Free Webinar Today   GG 
08/12/2021 Where There’s Fire There’s Smoke   TFR 
08/12/2021 Medical insanity, as described by an MD   AT 
08/12/2021 Yellen Urges Lawmakers to Take Bipartisan Approach to Debt Limit   BB 
08/12/2021 Leave the Kids Alone   HamburgersStand 
08/12/2021 Yes, More People Went Back to Work in States that Ended the $300/Week in Federal Unemployment Benefits   WS 
08/11/2021 Alchemy Financial How to make friends and influence people   BW 
08/11/2021 Mob Morality and the Unvaxxed   S&E 
08/11/2021 This Is 1938, With the Nazis! First, They Came for the Unvaccinated!   AM 
08/11/2021 Why the Fed is wrong about inflation being ‘transitory’   AOTH 
08/11/2021 Used-Vehicle Madness Unwinds Teeny-Weenie Bit, 2nd Month   WS 
08/10/2021 How to Find the Next 10-Baggers   TDG 
08/10/2021 The Fall of the Dominoes   AIER 
08/10/2021 Rochelle Walensky now makes the laws, and she's taking your private property   FoxNews 
08/10/2021 Shipping Container Shortage & Soaring Freight Rates Are Severely Aggravating Supply Chain Crisis…   IWB 
08/09/2021 UN Special Rapporteur On Torture: Authorities Are Viewing Their Own People As An Enemy   ZeroHedge 
08/09/2021 And We Should Trust ‘The Science’ of the Pharma Industry?   WE 
08/09/2021 Tenant Stampede Results In Largest-Ever Surge In Rents   NAS 
08/09/2021 A Generational Opportunity In Commodities, Part Deux   TFR 
08/08/2021 Trust the Science?   TBP 
08/08/2021 Freedom Fighter Court VICTORY! Ends Masking, Shots, Quarantine in Alberta!   rumble 
08/08/2021 Why Don't Billionaires Pay the Same High Tax Rates the Rest of Us Pay?   OTM 
08/08/2021 $HOOD   PG 
08/07/2021 The Craziest Bubble in History - Dave Collum   SilverSeek 
08/07/2021 The Great Reset: The Global Elite's Plan to Radically Remake Our Economic and Social Lives   Ammo 
08/07/2021 The monetary inflation crash continues   TSI-Blog 
08/07/2021 State of the American Debt Slaves: Forbearance & Free-Money Phenomenon amid Soaring Prices of Homes & Autos   WS 
08/06/2021 Stocks Wince Because the Stagflation Party Has Arrived   TGR 
08/06/2021 Israeli scientist says COVID-19 could be treated for under $1/day   JP 
08/06/2021 Gold Prepares to Rally   FXE 
08/06/2021 Global cooling is the problem   BW 
08/06/2021 Policy Errors Have Consequences   IWB 
08/05/2021 An August August for Gold?   Demeadville 
08/05/2021 The Party of Fear is Relentless   TBP 
08/05/2021 Covid Vaccines: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly   SWPRS 
08/05/2021 Welcome To The Biggest Eviction Horror Show In U.S. History   IWB 
08/05/2021 Yep, It’s Definitely A Bubble. Silicon Valley Edition   DC 
08/04/2021 This Is The Greatest Time To Invest In Resource Stocks In History  Bob Moriarty  EAG 
08/04/2021 Fauci and the NIH Knew Covid-19 “Vaccines” Could Lead to Antibody-Dependent Enhancement   GJ 
08/04/2021 Dollar’s Purchasing Power Gets Zapped. It’s Permanent   WS 
08/04/2021 What Triggered the Crash?   HussmanFunds 
08/04/2021 July Research Letter-Not Your Mother's Inflation   ECC 
08/03/2021 When Will the COVID Revolt Come?   AG 
08/03/2021 Market Meltdown Ahead? | Lance Roberts: Minsky Moment Will Spike Volatility & Crash Stocks (PT1)   YT 
08/03/2021 People Made Heroic Efforts to Spend. Inflation Ate Their Lunch   WS 
08/03/2021 A review of the situation in gold stocks   NFTRH 
08/02/2021 Dr. Robert Malone, Inventor of mRNA Technology, Signals the Worst Case Scenario About Covid-19 Vaccines   GJ 
08/02/2021 Potosi: The Silver Mine that Changed the World   YT 
08/02/2021 At Least 12 Million Households Face Eviction as Moratorium Ends   MishTalk 
08/02/2021 Economist Stephen Moore Predicts Financial Crisis Within Next 18 Months   TET 
08/01/2021 Gold Coins Worth “Infinity”   RSD 
08/01/2021 Untethered   EG 
08/01/2021 Housing Prices Slide after Housing Sales Fall   TGR 
08/01/2021 Steamy Rent Inflation in Single-Family Suburban Houses   WS 
08/01/2021 I get knocked down, but I get up again   GTP 

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