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The [current] Energy Report Phil Flynn 321energy
08/31/2011 Gold/Silver: Summary of Various Technical Studies  Bob Hoye  321gold pdf
08/31/2011 Can we Trust Government Statistics on the Economy?  Gary Dorsch  321gold 
08/30/2011 Gold and Your Blue Pen  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
08/30/2011 Le Déluge  Acamar Journal  321gold 
08/30/2011 Gold: The Big Picture  Steve Saville  321gold 
08/29/2011 OT The French Revolution   Larry LaBorde  321gold 
08/29/2011 Valuation Gap Makes Gold Miners Attractive But...  Frank Holmes  321gold 
08/29/2011 BBBBS This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
08/28/2011 SKI #92 Intermediate Top?  Jeff Kern  321gold 
08/28/2011 Ringbolt Comes Alive  Bob Moriarty  321energy 
08/26/2011 Stock Fear Ceiling  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
08/26/2011 Gold & Silver: The Smack Down Is Over  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
08/26/2011 German Court Wields Huge Economic Power  John Browne  321gold 
08/25/2011 Much Ado About Debt: Dollar vs. Euro  Axel Merk  321gold 
08/25/2011 There They Go Again  Peter Schiff  321gold 
08/25/2011 Top of the Channels  Bob Hoye  321gold 
08/24/2011 The Neverending Story of a 'Gold Bubble'  Frank Holmes  321gold 
08/24/2011 Gold Eyes $2,000/oz - Is it a Bubble...  Gary Dorsch  321gold 
08/23/2011 Political Theater  Andrew Schiff  321gold 
08/23/2011 Nobody wants a strong currency  Steve Saville  321gold 
08/23/2011 This is it!  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
08/22/2011 Do the Maths  Puru Saxena  321gold 
08/22/2011 Gold Market Update  Clive Maund  321gold 
08/22/2011 Paper Currencies Finally Redeemed for Gold  John Browne  321gold 
08/22/2011 BBBBB This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
08/20/2011 Using Options & Warrants in Volatile Markets  Dudley Baker  321gold 
08/19/2011 Gold: Is It Invincible?  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
08/19/2011 Gold Overbought  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
08/19/2011 The Debt Bomb  Michael Berry  321gold 
08/19/2011 Globalization and Global Chaos  Ron Hera  321gold 
08/18/2011 Multiplying by Zero  Bill Bonner  321gold 
08/18/2011 Economically Sleepwalking  Casey  321gold 
08/17/2011 Krugman's War Cry Won't Avert Depression  Michael Pento  321gold 
08/16/2011 Recent Gold Hedging Activity – a Warning Sign?  Casey  321gold 
08/16/2011 Gold Stocks Now vs Dow: The No Brainer  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
08/15/2011 BSSBS This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
08/12/2011 Stock Market Turns Bear, Gold Stocks Stand Tall  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
08/12/2011 The Fix is In  Peter Schiff  321gold 
08/12/2011 Trading Stock Fear 2  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
08/11/2011 Beijing Downgrades US Treasury to A+  Gary Dorsch  321gold 
08/11/2011 Gold is Antidote for Treasury Trap  John Browne  321gold 
08/10/2011 Run, Ride or Buy? What Should Investors Do?  Frank Holmes  321gold 
08/10/2011 Budget Battles Ahead  William Poole  321gold 
08/09/2011 When Buying Gold Becomes a Life-or-Death Question  Casey  321gold 
08/09/2011 Global Warning! (Credit Spreads Widening)  Bob Hoye  321gold pdf
08/09/2011 Does the Fed simply follow the market?  Steve Saville  321gold 
08/09/2011 All Hail the Gold Punisher  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
08/08/2011 Don't Shoot the Messenger  Axel Merk  321gold 
08/08/2011 The Refusal To Think  Bill Buckler  321gold 
08/08/2011 SKI #91 SKI Gold Stock Update  Jeff Kern  321gold 
08/08/2011 NDX Stocks Illustrate the Washout  Tom McClellan  321gold 
08/08/2011 The Center of Gravity Shifts Slowly  Andrew Schiff  321gold 
08/08/2011 BSSSB This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
08/07/2011 Compromise DC-Style  Casey  321gold 
08/07/2011 Interview Triple-Digit Returns Predicted for Mining Stocks  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
08/05/2011 Major Stock Buying Op  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
08/05/2011 Gold Tactics In the Smackdown Zone  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
08/05/2011 Precious Metal Stocks are Undervalued  Ken Gerbino  321gold 
08/05/2011 One Picture is Worth a Thousand Tears  Richard Russell  321gold 
08/05/2011 Gold is the True Reserve Currency  Michael Pento  321gold 
08/04/2011 Gold Bugs Rejoice  Frank Holmes  321gold 
08/03/2011 The 2011 Gold Season is Just Around the Corner  Frank Holmes  321gold 
08/02/2011 Pipedreams vs Coffins  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
08/02/2011 Debt Deal is a Blank Check  Peter Schiff  321gold 
08/01/2011 We are all Speculators now  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
08/01/2011 From Greece to America  Acamar Journal  321gold 
08/01/2011 MML: Gold Update  Alan Micik  321gold 
08/01/2011 Gold & Silver Beyond the Limit  Peter Schiff  321gold 
08/01/2011 BBSSB This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
08/01/2011 Bob Moriarty: Peak Oil Passed  theER  321energy 

External News

08/31/2011 Central Bankers' Next Panic Move    MM 
08/31/2011 Fix the Banks  Greg Hunter  USAwatchdog 
08/31/2011 Timebomb in Euroland: Tick...tick...tick...   Mike Whitney  ICH 
08/30/2011 Nightmare On Pennsylvania Avenue   DollarVigilante 
08/30/2011 Liberty Dollars may be subject to seizure   CoinWorld 
08/30/2011 The tragedy of the too big to fail banking sector   MB360 
08/30/2011 Euro bail-out in doubt as 'hysteria' sweeps Germany   Telegraph 
08/30/2011 Polish finance minister says Europe at risk of collapse    EUobserver 
08/30/2011 Gold Coins: The Mystery of the Double Eagle   BusinessWeek 
08/29/2011 A Reprieve from Misguided Recklessness   HussmanFunds 
08/28/2011 Gold's fall: Slip or start of slide?  Fleckenstein  MSN 
08/28/2011 Commodity Weekend Newsletter  Matt Frailey  BPT audio
08/28/2011 Et Tu, Commodities?   AutomaticEarth 
08/28/2011 Gold 2006 vs Gold Today  Willem Weytjens  PT 
08/27/2011 It May Be 2008 All Over Again, But There Is 1 Key Difference   ZeroHedge 
08/26/2011 The Near- and Longer-Term Prospects...  Ben Bernanke  Fed 
08/26/2011 Could the Unthinkable Happen?  Tenebrarum  acting-man 
08/25/2011 Bill Cara's Blog for Aug 25, 2011    Cara 
08/25/2011 America’s Economic hegemony has become rather immoral   KingdomEcon 
08/25/2011 Middle class retirement now largely a postcard fantasy   MB360 
08/25/2011 The Gold Market   MartinArmstrong 
08/25/2011 Market crash 'could hit within weeks' warn bankers   Telegraph 
08/25/2011 [Aug 19] Prepare For Global Long Wave Extinction Event    LWD 
08/24/2011 Gold Moves From Investment To Money   Forbes 
08/24/2011 The Fed's Flawed Approach To Monetary Policy   Forbes 
08/24/2011 How are they doing it, Matt?   truthout 
08/23/2011 Gold’s Spike Follows Silver’s Path Cut Earlier This Year    HAI 
08/23/2011 OT Earthquake rocks US east coast at 1:51EDT   Independent 
08/23/2011 [Aug 18] Europe’s banks could break us all  Fleckenstein  MSN 
08/22/2011 Whack-A-Mole   HussmanFunds 
08/22/2011 Dow: Gold Ratio & the Secular Bear Market  Toby Connor  Goldscents 
08/22/2011 Good News in Libya Won’t Last  Greg Hunter  USAwatchdog 
08/22/2011 Gold/Oil Ratio: Where is it heading?   BB 
08/21/2011 Weekend Commodity Newsletter  Matt Frailey  BPT audio
08/21/2011 [Aug 14] We've been warned: The system is ready to blow   Guardian 
08/20/2011 Europe's Debt Crisis Won't End Until Greece Defaults    CNBC 
08/19/2011 Euro Collapse Could Spark Global Depression -Soros   NewsMax 
08/18/2011 Must Read Can You Hear It?  Howard Hill  MonM 
08/18/2011 Gold & the New Awakening of Colombia  Ron Holland  DailyBell 
08/18/2011 Revert Back to the Gold Standard? Yes We Can...   MikeChurch 
08/18/2011 Is the SEC Covering Up Wall Street Crimes?  Matt Taibbi  RollingStone 
08/18/2011 OT Straw Poll: Ron Who?   JonStewart LOL video
08/17/2011 Middle class annihilation one penny at a time   MB360 
08/17/2011 Economically Illiterate Nincompoops at Work  Tenebrarum  acting-man 
08/16/2011 Summer Stock Market 15% Discount Sale Continues   Nadeem Walayat 
08/16/2011 Open Window  Erik Swarts  MA 
08/16/2011 Sequel: How 2011 Is A Repeat of 2008...  Gonzalo Lira  GL 
08/15/2011 Too Late to Jump on the Goldwagon?  Egon von Greyerz  GOLDswitzerland 
08/15/2011 Gold & Fiat Currency: Forty Years Later  Nick Barisheff  BMG 
08/15/2011 Summer Gold Rush Pulls Money into Gold ETFs   McOscillator 
08/15/2011 Bernanke Screws Grandmothers  Jim Quinn  TBP 
08/15/2011 Two One-Way Lanes on the Road to Ruin   HussmanFunds 
08/15/2011 Riots & Civil Unrest Inside US Are Now More Likely Than Ever   ECB 
08/15/2011 Abandoning the gold standard was a seminal moment...   Telegraph 
08/14/2011 The rise of the new gilded age   MB360 
08/14/2011 Commodity Weekend Newsletter  Matt Frailey  BPT audio
08/13/2011 Fed Pledges Sustained Financial Repression of Investors   DanielAmerman 
08/12/2011 Why market misery may benefit us  Fleckenstein  MSN 
08/12/2011 Why London Won't Be the Last City to Burn   TheAtlantic 
08/12/2011 Moody’s Zandi: Next Recession to Feel More Like Depression   NewsMax 
08/12/2011 UBS' Andy Lees On Why the US Economy Is ... Doomed   ZeroHedge 
08/11/2011 The evolution of crisis  George Friedman  ATimes 
08/11/2011 Market Collapse, Gold & Gold Stocks   DollarVigilante 
08/11/2011 Why a US Default Will Be a Good Thing  Martin Hutchinson  MM 
08/11/2011 Happy Birthday to UK webgirl Tam 44 today   video 
08/10/2011 America In Decline  Noam Chomsky  InTheseTimes 
08/10/2011 The Best Looking Horse in the Glue Factory  Jim Quinn  TBP 
08/10/2011 A National Debt of $14 Trillion? Try $211 Trillion    NPR 
08/10/2011 Don’t Bet Against Gold & Silver  Greg Hunter  USAwatchdog 
08/09/2011 GDX Mechanical System, Gold Metal Analysis etc.  Matt Frailey  BPT 
08/09/2011 Fed rates unchanged [zero to 0.25% range]  FOMC  Fed 
08/09/2011 The Stage is Set for Ben Bernanke & PMs   WScs 
08/09/2011 Reality Finally Hits the Morbidly Obese US Gov't   DollarVigilante 
08/09/2011 The bull case for gold   Telegraph 
08/09/2011 Silver Parabolas & Consolidations  Willem Weytjens  PT 
08/08/2011 Why the Stock Market Tanked   Forbes 
08/08/2011 Recession Warning and the Proper Policy Response   HussmanFunds 
08/08/2011 S&P Downgrades Fannie & Freddie   NPR 
08/08/2011 Brace for Impact  Greg Hunter  USAwatchdog 
08/08/2011 S&P Downgrade US, Euro Bailout & Gold  Joseph Skewes  BB 
08/07/2011 Weekend Newsletter  Matt Frailey  BPT audio
08/07/2011 Stock Markets Panic Crash Continuing...   Nadeem Walayat 
08/07/2011 When Risk-Free Becomes Risk-Certain   DollarVigilante 
08/06/2011 US loses AAA credit rating after S&P downgrade   BBC 
08/06/2011 Jim Rogers Has Stopped Buying Gold Now   MoneyTalks 
08/06/2011 A change in psychology causes Deflation...   DonSwenson 
08/06/2011 There's gold in mining stocks yet  Fleckenstein  MSN 
08/06/2011 U.S. Downgrades S&P  Brady Willett  FallStreet 
08/05/2011 Bread, Circuses, Spending Cuts & Unicorns   Jim Quinn  TBP 
08/05/2011 Asset Allocation for Today’s Financial Reality  Nick Barisheff  BMG 
08/05/2011 Adios Neckline, Hello Airpocket  Tenebrarum  acting-man 
08/04/2011 The Truth About Jobs & the Debt Limit   DanielAmerman 
08/04/2011 Euro Area – The Party Line Crumbles  Tenebrarum  acting-man 
08/03/2011 Italy, Spain Under Fire Again...  Tenebrarum  acting-man 
08/03/2011 Europe's money markets freeze as crisis escalates   Telegraph 
08/03/2011 The Real Banking Crisis  Eric Sprott  ZeroHedge must read
08/03/2011 CHART: Is The Market Making A Gigantic Top?   BI 
08/03/2011 The 20 year financial depression in American real estate   MB360 
08/03/2011 Is the Fed About to Make the Mistake of the Decade?  Toby Connor  Goldscents 
08/02/2011 The Beginning of the Beginning  Kadlec  Forbes 
08/02/2011 Five Things You Need to Know About the Economy  Casey  CR 
08/02/2011 Iceland’s loud No  Sigurgeirsdóttir  LMD 
08/02/2011 Audit of the Fed Reveals $16 Trillion In Secret Bailouts    unelected 
08/02/2011 [Jul 5] Entitlement Bandits   NationalReview 
08/02/2011 ...step back, take a deep breath  M.O.  ContraryInvestor 
08/01/2011 America is merely wounded, Europe risks death   Telegraph 
08/01/2011 More Than Meets the Eye   HussmanFunds 
08/01/2011 Silver – an historical comparison  Willem Weytjens  PT 
08/01/2011 Why Gold, Silver and Platinum Bullion?  Nick Barisheff  BMG 
08/01/2011 A Deal Everybody Hates  Greg Hunter  USAwatchdog 

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