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The [current] Energy Report Phil Flynn 321energy
04/30/2019 FOMC & Jobs Report: Are Gold Investors Prepared?  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
04/29/2019 US Stock Market: Wave Counts Of Danger  captainewave  321gold 
04/29/2019 SKI #219 Gold Stock Update  Jeff Kern  321gold 
04/26/2019 Rover Intends to Option Round Mountain Look Alike in Nevada  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
04/26/2019 Gold Stock ETFs: I See Green Shoots!  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
04/26/2019 Near-Record Gold Shorting  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
04/24/2019 Who Says They Don’t Ring a Bell at the Top?  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
04/24/2019 The Rosen Market Timing Letter  Ron Rosen  321gold 
04/23/2019 Keith Barron of Aurania Indicates Success With $100 Bills  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
04/23/2019 Gold: A Huge Relief Rally Is Imminent  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
04/19/2019 GFG Moves Forward on Two Fronts  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
04/19/2019 Gold Stocks: Oversold But No Buy Signal  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
04/19/2019 Stock Euphoria Stunts Gold  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
04/18/2019 Becoming a Hindu  Jeff Thomas  321gold 
04/16/2019 What Does the Future Hold for Miramont?  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
04/16/2019 Gold: Is $1280 A Floor Or A Sponge?  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
04/15/2019 Stay Long Gold As Bond Yields Rise  captainewave  321gold 
04/15/2019 Lion One Hits the Magic Spot  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
04/13/2019 Will Recovery in Payrolls and Yield Curve Sink Gold?  Arkadiusz Sieron  321gold 
04/12/2019 Deer Horn Moves Toward Tellurium Production  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
04/12/2019 Gold Gets Bombed But Miners Look Good  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
04/12/2019 Gold-Bull Breakout Potential  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
04/11/2019 Gold Stocks Leading the Pack Higher?  Przemyslaw Radomski  321gold 
04/09/2019 Gold & Rocketing Chinese Growth  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
04/09/2019 The Rosen Market Timing Letter  Ron Rosen  321gold 
04/08/2019 10-day supply of copper in the world will push Nevada Copper higher  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
04/07/2019 The Impact of Monetary Policy on Gold  Arkadiusz Sieron  321gold 
04/05/2019 Anaconda Intercepts 42.85 G/T Au over 3.8 Meters  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
04/05/2019 Gold Stocks: A Key Reversal Day  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
04/05/2019 Gold Stocks Still Marching  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
04/02/2019 Gold & The Bond Market Supernova  Stewart Thomson  321gold 

External News

04/30/2019 Gold, Commodities, and Bob Moriarty’s New Book  Steve Saville  TSI-Blog 
04/30/2019 Bank of Japan & the Bond Crisis   AE 
04/30/2019 Michael Pento: Here’s How You Know The Market Is Overvalued   DC 
04/30/2019 Peak Profit Margins? A US Perspective   Bridgewater 
04/29/2019 Not Modern, not about Money and not Really Much of a Theory   EG 
04/29/2019 Markets are Setting up a Shake-Out-Be Prepared   TTT 
04/29/2019 This Is the End of the Cycle   OTM 
04/29/2019 China, Other Emerging Asia Sink World Trade   WS 
04/29/2019 If This Is Economic Growth, Next Slowdown Could Be Catastrophic   LL 
04/28/2019 3M Crash May be the Shape of Things to Come   TGR 
04/28/2019 Why The United States Needs To Encourage Americans To Hold Gold   TF 
04/28/2019 Cut the Price and They Will Come: New House Prices Drop to December 2014 Level   WS 
04/28/2019 How a Little Money Laundering Can Have a Big Impact on Real Estate Prices   WS 
04/27/2019 The Perils Of Pursuing Monetary Policy That Explicitly Makes The Economy ‘Reliant On Bubbles’   TFR 
04/27/2019 Notes From Underground: What Caused the Panic In Central Bank Park?   Yragharris 
04/27/2019 Nearly half of Canadians $200 away from insolvency   MG 
04/27/2019 Chart: What Assets Make Up Wealth?   VisualCapitalist 
04/26/2019 Hold onto Your Wallets, All You Billionaires   RickAckerman 
04/26/2019 ECB, tear down that wall   RT 
04/26/2019 Arizona Lawmakers Running Scared After Anti-Boycott Law Ruled Unconstitutional   ACLU 
04/25/2019 PM Sector Morning Star Reversal at Trendline Support...  Clive Maund  CM 
04/25/2019 Magic Money Tree Economics   DI 
04/25/2019 Are Two-Tier Monetary Systems a Possible Tool?   AE 
04/25/2019 Italy's 'perma-recession' could trigger a €2 trillion financial crisis that threatens the eurozone itself   BI 
04/25/2019 Millennials will be crushed under debt: Non-housing debt now reaches $4+ trillion in the United States   MB360 
04/24/2019 The Consequence of War that Led to the German Hyperinflation   AE 
04/24/2019 How Banks Create Money Out Of Thin Air   IRD 
04/24/2019 The pace of US money-supply growth slows to a crawl. Is this a major problem for the stock market?   TSI 
04/23/2019 Precious Metals Give Traders Another Opportunity   TTT 
04/23/2019 London Home Prices Had Biggest Monthly Drop Since Lehman   WS 
04/23/2019 Stocks are cheap compared to almost no period in history   IWB 
04/22/2019 A special message at Easter from the precious metals sector...  Clive Maund  CM 
04/22/2019 These charts are a big reality check for gold mining stock bulls   Mining 
04/22/2019 No One Will Have Any Idea What Will Happen   TheMarket 
04/22/2019 Retail’s Existential Threat? Private Equity Firms   WS 
04/22/2019 How U.S. Government Debt May Impact Social Security   BG 
04/21/2019 List of 24 Points Pressing Hard toward Recession   TGR 
04/21/2019 Central banks are biased towards loose policy   FUW 
04/21/2019 Canada is launching a tax credit for electric vehicles. Tesla's cars are too expensive to qualify.   BI 
04/21/2019 More store closings coming: Pier 1 Imports could close up to 145 more stores   USAToday 
04/21/2019 The Public Banking Revolution Is Upon Us   TruthDig 
04/20/2019 Precious Metals: Wash, Rinse...   NFTRH 
04/20/2019 China’s Fake Numbers And The Risk They Pose For The Rest Of The World   DC 
04/20/2019 Threat of Contagion to Eurozone from Spanish Banks’ Huge Bet on Emerging Markets: UBS   WS 
04/20/2019 House Prices in 12 of California’s Most Expensive Coastal Counties Fell in March from a Year Ago   WS 
04/19/2019 Dancing on the Crumbling Precipice   TBP 
04/19/2019 Pemex, World’s Most Indebted Oil Company, Gets Government Bailout as Suppliers Gripe About Unpaid Bills   WS 
04/18/2019 World Trade Suffers Biggest Collapse Since Financial Crisis   GoldCore 
04/18/2019 Copper Deficit Stays Elusive as Supply Slows, but so too Does Demand   TA 
04/18/2019 Could Bringing Back the Gold Standard Make America Great Again?   JGR 
04/18/2019 Revolutionary Statists Means Lower Living Standards   BATR 
04/18/2019 Things That Seem Normal But Definitely Aren’t, Part 1: Soaring Chinese Debt   DC 
04/17/2019 Gold Has Been Rallying. Now It’s Silver’s Turn   SprottMoney 
04/17/2019 Downside Risk in Gold & Gold Stocks   TDG 
04/17/2019 The AI Cold War That Threatens Us All   Wired 
04/17/2019 What’ll Happen to Home Prices in Silicon Valley & San Francisco after the Mega-IPOs? Last Two Times, We Got a Housing Bust   WS 
04/17/2019 The world-wide suppression of interest rates has been something very near to a crime   TM 
04/16/2019 It’s tough to be pessimistic on silver at current prices...   MW 
04/16/2019 MMT is a spectacularly Dem idea   AOTH 
04/16/2019 Former SEC lawyer sounds alarm on ‘the greatest retirement crisis’ in history   MW 
04/15/2019 American Empire, Military Overstretch, & Economic Collapse  Bob Moriarty  YouTube 
04/15/2019 OT Huge fire engulfs Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris   AFP 
04/15/2019 Psycho market builds up a near record short $VIX position in about 3 months...   IWB 
04/15/2019 Whole Foods’ Existential Threat?   WS 
04/15/2019 Alan Greenspan says economy will start to fade ‘very dramatically’ because of entitlement burden   CNBC 
04/14/2019 Assange and the Unforgivable Sin of Disemboweling Official Narratives   OTM 
04/14/2019 Silver Shortages Are Here and Gold Scarcity is Coming   GOLDswitzerland 
04/14/2019 World Silver Survey 2019   SprottMoney 
04/14/2019 Big Old Problem Just Re-Erupted on Eurozone’s Southern Flank   WS 
04/14/2019 The amount lost in the crypto market from Dec 2017 till today was $648,000,000,000   IWB 
04/13/2019 My Fancy-Schmancy “Fed Hawk-o-Meter” Jumps 18%, “Patient” Gets Slashed, “Moderated” Disappears   WS 
04/13/2019 This is How Stocks Get Hit When BBB-Rated Companies Try to Dodge a Downgrade to “Junk”   WS 
04/12/2019 100s Of Millions Of Dollars In Crops Destroyed By Flooding, And Farmers Are Being Told “There’s Nothing The U.S. Government Can Do To Help”   EOTAD 
04/12/2019 Trump is Right to Blow Up the Fed   TAC 
04/12/2019 Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Says There’s About to be an Uprising in America   Summit 
04/11/2019 The inverted yield curve as a harbinger of higher gold prices   USAgold 
04/11/2019 The gold/commodity ratio makes another T-Bond forecast   TSI 
04/11/2019 Germany: Dead Economy Walking   TL 
04/11/2019 California May Be Coming for You   Spectator 
04/10/2019 We are at an extreme of emotion right now In global stock markets  Bob Moriarty  EAG 
04/10/2019 US budget deficit and Interest take trip to the moon   TGR 
04/10/2019 “Payroll Tsunami”: Small Businesses Layoff Workers To Comply With Minimum Wage Law   SHTFplan 
04/10/2019 Is America losing its grip on world economy? 5 big defeats for US financial interests abroad   RT 
04/09/2019 Tick, Tick, Talk, 2019 Recession Coming   TGR 
04/09/2019 Poor countries’ debts at ‘crisis’ point   IWB 
04/08/2019 Silver Market Update  Clive Maund  CM 
04/08/2019 You Are Here   HussmanFunds 
04/08/2019 The American Empire Is the Sick Man of the 21st Century   FP 
04/08/2019 Excerpt on Key US Dollar Fundamental   NFTRH 
04/08/2019 S&P 500 at New Medium-Term High, but Correction May Be Coming  Paul Rejczak  SunshineProfits 
04/08/2019 The Japanification of the World   OTM 
04/07/2019 Sven Henrich: It's Make Or Break Time For The Markets   PP 
04/07/2019 The Art of Junior Mining M&A: Lessons Learned from M&A in Junior Mining   IR 
04/07/2019 Chinese Ivory Ban Stokes Woolly Mammouth Gold Rush in Siberia   Telegraph 
04/07/2019 An outbreak of African swine fever Is devastating the global pig population...   IWB 
04/06/2019 Why and How Capitalism Needs to Be Reformed (Part 1)  Ray Dalio  Linkedin 
04/06/2019 Why a Ruinous Deflation Is Coming  Rick Ackerman  RA 
04/06/2019 The Gold in the Volcano   STR 
04/06/2019 Fed’s QE Unwind Reaches $535 Billion...   WS 
04/06/2019 Maybe Politics Matters After All   DC 
04/05/2019 Money supply is only part of the monetary story   TSI 
04/05/2019 The Federal Reserve's Controlled Demolition Of The Economy Is Almost Complete   AM 
04/04/2019 Basic Investing in Resource Stocks -The Idiot's Guide  Bob Moriarty  JayTaylorMedia 
04/04/2019 Sky-high IPO valuations inspire housing crisis flashbacks   AXIOS 
04/04/2019 The Hidden Cost of Losing Local Mom and Pop Businesses   OTM 
04/04/2019 Radioactive waste standoff could slash high tech’s supply of rare earth elements   SM 
04/04/2019 US Still Cleanest Dirty Shirt Among Manufacturing Giants   WS 
04/03/2019 Moriarty Nails It!   DI 
04/03/2019 Gold and Silver Interim Updates...  Clive Maund  CM 
04/03/2019 Moore’s call for half-point rate cut sets him apart from would-be Fed colleagues   MW 
04/03/2019 Bank Earnings and QE/QT   TIRA 
04/02/2019 Barksdale Capital on King World News   KWN 
04/02/2019 Proprietary Cycles Predict July Turning Point for Stock Market   TTT 
04/02/2019 Bitcoin is Nothing More Than ‘Bovine Excrement’: Berkeley Researcher   CCN 
04/02/2019 Stop With The LIES Or GET OUT OF OFFICE   m-t 
04/01/2019 Idiot-Proof Guide to Investing in Resource Stocks  Bob Moriarty  STR 
04/01/2019 Gold Fundamentals Continue to Improve   TDG 
04/01/2019 ADL Predictions for Price of Gold   TTT 
04/01/2019 A Command Economy in the command of the Central Banks...  Clive Maund  CM 
04/01/2019 Retail Apocalypse closing US stores down like death of dinosaurs   TGR 
04/01/2019 Former Facebook Security Chief: Zuckerberg Has More People’s Personal Info ‘Than Anyone Else in the World’   Breitbart 

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