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The [current] Energy Report Phil Flynn 321energy
04/28/2017 Gold Stocks Support Zone: Key Tactics  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
04/28/2017 Gold Hostage to Stocks  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
04/27/2017 Selling the Golden Goose  Jeff Thomas  321gold 
04/25/2017 Has Gold Lost Its Mojo?  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
04/24/2017 Rokmaster Zips into Zinc  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
04/24/2017 SKI #185 Gold Stock Update: Next CRITICAL Point  Jeff Kern  321gold 
04/24/2017 What if the Fed lowers instead of hiking interest rates!  Groenewegen  321gold 
04/21/2017 Gold, Dow, & Dollar: The Big Picture  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
04/21/2017 Gold Upleg Momentum Building  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
04/18/2017 Gold: Major Bull Wedge Breakout?  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
04/18/2017 Gold Resolves Some Bearish Divergences  Tom McClellan  321gold 
04/17/2017 Gold and Silver May Correct  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
04/17/2017 So Many Triggers  Jeff Thomas  321gold 
04/17/2017 Gold - The Eight-Year Cycle  Bob Hoye  321gold 
04/14/2017 A Big Gold Easter Egg  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
04/14/2017 FYI US & Canadian Easter Holiday Schedule   321gold 
04/14/2017 Gold-Stock-Bull Upside Targets  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
04/12/2017 Gold’s Outperformance and Huge Reversal  Przemyslaw Radomski  321gold 
04/11/2017 Gold Price Rally: Enjoy The Ride  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
04/11/2017 The Rosen Market Timing Letter  Ron Rosen  321gold 
04/10/2017 Trump is Bibi’s Shabbos Goy  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
04/10/2017 Trading Room – 9th April, 2017 [Elliott Wave Technical Analysis]  Lara Iriarte  321gold 
04/09/2017 The Candlemaker’s Petition  Jeff Thomas  321gold 
04/07/2017 Gold Stocks: Key Tactics For Investors  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
04/07/2017 Gold-Stock Breakouts Near  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
04/04/2017 Why Few Correctly Hear the Signal the COTs Send  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
04/04/2017 Debt Endgame & Gold Bull Era  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
04/03/2017 Enforcer Delivers Gold Results  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
04/03/2017 SKI #184 Gold Stock Update  Jeff Kern  321gold 
04/01/2017 The Case for Socialized Medicine  John Browne  321gold 

External News

04/30/2017 Silver Bugs, Chemical Weapons, and Precious Metals Corrections  Bob Moriarty  EAG 
04/30/2017 BonTerra attracts Kinross Gold as strategic investor   CaesarsReport 
04/30/2017 Will Sandstorm’s Newest Risk Pay Off?   Kitco 
04/30/2017 The More Central Banks Print, The More Gold Silk Road Countries Will Buy   GOLDswitzerland 
04/30/2017 Housing's Echo Bubble Now Exceeds the 2006-07 Bubble Peak   OfTwoMinds 
04/30/2017 Here’s why 90% of rich people squander their fortunes    Moneyish 
04/29/2017 The Looming, Big Catalyst For Gold   TDG 
04/29/2017 End of empire   GoldMoney 
04/29/2017 Retailers on Record Bankruptcy Pace: S&P   247Wallst 
04/29/2017 Automation Could Replace Over 99% of U.S. Jobs Sooner Than You Think   LL 
04/28/2017 Avrupa Closes Financing and Options Portuguese Property   StreetwiseReports 
04/28/2017 Breaking Up the Big Wall Street Banks Is Back in the Headlines   WSOP 
04/28/2017 Saudi Arabia is making a 'U-turn' on a controversial policy   BI 
04/27/2017 War, Precious Metals, Mining Stocks  Bob Moriarty  PAP 
04/27/2017 If You Understand History And Economics, You Understand Gold   GOLDswitzerland 
04/27/2017 I’m in Awe of How Fast Brick-and-Mortar Retail is Melting Down   WS 
04/27/2017 Islam or nature, how the opponents of European migration policy escaped prosecution   Gefira 
04/26/2017 Frank Holmes Exclusive: Gold Could Hit $1,500 in 2017 Amid Imbalances & Weak Supply   MME 
04/26/2017 Connecting the Dots   MA 
04/26/2017 Robert Giustra Set for “Biggest Win” Since 1993   GMO 
04/26/2017 The epic retirement crisis for older Americans   MB360 
04/26/2017 Reader Asks: Can the Bubbles Last Forever?   MishTalk 
04/25/2017 How The Passive Investing Mania Undermined Its Most Basic Assumption   TFR 
04/25/2017 17 Reasons Why You Should Own Gold   DI 
04/25/2017 After The Crash*, Part 2: Digital And Regenerative Medicine   DC 
04/25/2017 The World's Worst Market Timer   MT 
04/24/2017 Valuation Breakevens   HussmanFunds 
04/24/2017 Stock Markets Sit Blithely on a Powerful Time Bomb   WS 
04/24/2017 America’s financial war strategy   GoldMoney MUST READ
04/23/2017 Concentrate on Healthy Junior Miner Trees Not Diseased   Kitco 
04/23/2017 US Stock Market and Gold, Post Tomahawks and MOAB   NFTRH 
04/23/2017 Marx, Orwell and State-Cartel Socialism   OfTwoMinds 
04/23/2017 The End Game   MT 
04/23/2017 Global debt explodes at 'eye-watering' pace to hit £170 trillion   Telegraph 
04/22/2017 Gold: Trumped  John Ing  MP 
04/22/2017 5 Reasons I Favor Junior Exploration Companies   TDG 
04/22/2017 They want to kill the euro: Why many Europeans want their money back   CNN 
04/22/2017 Trump is Like the Weather: Wait a Day and His Foreign Policy Position Will Change   MishTalk 
04/21/2017 Why Now Precious Metals?   AOTH 
04/21/2017 Don't count on that government pension   ChicagoTribune 
04/21/2017 Meltdown of Houston Auto Sales Has Eerie Financial Crisis Look   WS 
04/20/2017 Our Intellectual Bankruptcy: The Religion of Economics, UBI and Medicare For All   OfTwoMinds 
04/20/2017 The Morgan Report   iTunes 
04/20/2017 The Fed’s Only Escape Is to Trash the Dollar   Bonner&Partners 
04/20/2017 Securities-based loans are scaring fiscal experts   NYPost 
04/20/2017 Titanic Parallel to the Federal Reserve   DI 
04/19/2017 Why We’re Ungovernable, Part 17: Europe Gets Its Doomsday Scenario   DC 
04/19/2017 On Gold Miner Underperformance & Record Speculative Length in Silver Futures   CEO 
04/19/2017 The banking industry abuses its customers worse than United Airlines   SovereignMan 
04/19/2017 The Great Retail Apocalypse   MB360 
04/19/2017 So Who Are the Debt Slaves in this Rich Nation?   WS 
04/18/2017 10 Worst Cases Of Corporate Greed In U.S. History   IZ 
04/18/2017 Popular Gold Miner ETF To Change Dramatically   ETF 
04/18/2017 China Starting To Resemble Bernie Madoff   DC 
04/17/2017 The Value of Dry Powder   HussmanFunds 
04/17/2017 How Heavy Is This?   CE 
04/16/2017 Is the Federal Government Going to Shut Down?   SchiffGold 
04/16/2017 Gold on the Verge of Greatness   TFR 
04/16/2017 Consumer Prices Unexpectedly Decline, First Drop Since February 2016: Reality Check   MishTalk 
04/16/2017 Brainteasers  Bill Gross  Janus 
04/16/2017 Germany's RED ALERT: Eurozone warned of 'sharp' rates rise & banks AREN’T prepared   Express 
04/15/2017 Stocks, Bonds and Gold: Snapshot of a Shifting Macro   NFTRH 
04/15/2017 After The Crash, Part 1: Solar Stocks   DC 
04/15/2017 Millennials Are Abandoning the Postwar Engines of Growth: Suburbs and Autos   OfTwoMinds 
04/15/2017 When Counterfeit Currency Crashes By At Least 50 Percent In America   PVC 
04/15/2017 India Getting Worse, Faster by the Day   JB 
04/14/2017 DNI Delivers Profitable Graphite  Bob Moriarty  StreetwiseReports 
04/14/2017 Rising Geopolitical Tensions Ignite Fire Under Gold and Silver Prices   GoldStockBull 
04/14/2017 Import Prices Decline, Export Prices Rise: Impact on 1st Quarter GDP Estimates?   MishTalk 
04/14/2017 Italy to outmaneuver ECB with parallel currency   Gefira 
04/14/2017 Australian Tax Authorities on the Hunt   AE 
04/13/2017 Gold – An Overview of Macroeconomic Price Drivers   acting-man 
04/13/2017 What a State-Owned Bank Can Do for New Jersey  Ellen Brown  WoD 
04/13/2017 Silver and Gold Update   DI 
04/13/2017 Pension Crisis In U.S. and Globally Is Unavoidable   GC 
04/13/2017 Meet One of the Most Brilliant Investors in Silicon Valley   Medium 
04/12/2017 Gold Selling For $10,000?  Yes!   DI 
04/12/2017 What Could Possibly Go Wrong?  Axel Merk  MERK 
04/12/2017 Ray Dalio explains why we may be repeating the mistakes of the 1930s   BI 
04/12/2017 Uber said to use “sophisticated” software to defraud drivers, passengers   ars 
04/11/2017 Bearish Reversal In Gold And Silver   TDG 
04/11/2017 Miami condo market acting as if it is 2007   MB360 
04/11/2017 Your Financial Life Could Be Ruined If Your Name Is On This Massive Government List   HP 
04/10/2017 Silver Market Update  Clive Maund  CM 
04/10/2017 Echo Chamber   HussmanFunds 
04/10/2017 Commercial Bankruptcies Spike, Consumer Bankruptcies Jump for First Time since 2010   WS 
04/09/2017 Why Is the State in Our Bedrooms and Living Rooms as Well as Our Bank Accounts?   OfTwoMinds 
04/09/2017 Ex-Goldman Trump Advisor Drops Glass-Steagall Bombshell   WS 
04/09/2017 How to make a billion people rich   Medium 
04/08/2017 Strange Moves in Gold, Federal Reserve Policy and Fundamentals   acting-man 
04/08/2017 What’s Left To Drive The Recovery? Not Much   DC 
04/08/2017 Warren Buffett appears on Cherry Coke cans in China   BBC 
04/08/2017 You’re only human: An economist explains how it hurts your portfolio   WP 
04/08/2017 Billions: Gold When It Counts  Brandon Green  SWPC 
04/07/2017 Silver Price Forecast: The Interesting Relationship Between Silver Rallies and Interest Rates  Hubert Moolman  HM 
04/07/2017 As Tension Mounts A Big Move in Precious Metals Draws Near   CEO 
04/07/2017 Baby boom or bust   MB360 
04/07/2017 How a Cruel Foreclosure Drove a Couple to the Brink of Death   Vice 
04/06/2017 Keith Barron of Fruta del Norte Fame is Back in Ecuador - This is What He’s Up To   IN 
04/06/2017 The Great Nevada Lithium Rush to Fuel the New Economy    Bloomberg 
04/06/2017 Maybe The Recovery Wasn’t Real After All   DC 
04/06/2017 Stupid is as Stupid Does   SafeHaven 
04/06/2017 Unraveling QE “Later This Year” Gets Serious   WS 
04/05/2017 Gold and Silver: Boom or Bust?  Hubert Moolman  HM 
04/05/2017 Graphene sieve could make seawater drinkable   CNN 
04/05/2017 Gold imports surge as Turks heed Erdogan's call and vote looms   Kitco 
04/05/2017 Auto Loan Subprime Defaults Hit Crisis Levels   Valuewalk 
04/05/2017 Steve Eisman of ‘The Big Short’ fame has a cautious eye on subprime auto loans   MW 
04/04/2017 No Foolin' - Silver No. 1 through Q1   Demeadville 
04/04/2017 Our Benevolent Politicians   TEP 
04/04/2017 Gold, lumber buck rough first quarter for commodities   MW 
04/03/2017 Stalling Engines: The Outlook for U.S. Economic Growth   HussmanFunds 
04/03/2017 Precious Metals End March Near Key Resistance   CEO 
04/03/2017 Warning Signs In Precious Metals   TDG 
04/03/2017 The Bill To Fix Health Care - Permanently*   m-t 
04/02/2017 Ticking Time Bomb That Will Wipe Out Virtually Every Pension Fund In USA   IWB 
04/02/2017 Trickle Down Has Failed   OfTwoMinds 
04/02/2017 RAOUL PAL: 'Everyone is going to be on the wrong side of the boat at the wrong time'   BI 
04/02/2017 How Many Jobs Do Robots Destroy? Answers Emerge   WS 
04/01/2017 New World Disorder – Disintegration Stage Commences   TruePublica 
04/01/2017 Long History of HSBC Money Laundering   BATR 
04/01/2017 Online Advertising Is Corrupt At Its Core   AC 

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