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The [current] Energy Report Phil Flynn 321energy
02/27/2018 Torchlight Stands on the Edge of Success  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
02/27/2018 Gold: The Intense Battle For $1370  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
02/27/2018 SSSSS This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
02/25/2018 US Dollar and Precious Metals  Bob Hoye  321gold 
02/23/2018 Gold: Put Options Kill The Pain  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
02/23/2018 Gold's Curious Sentiment  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
02/21/2018 Novo is on Sale for a Little While  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
02/21/2018 SSSSS This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
02/20/2018 Gold's Golden Week  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
02/19/2018 FYI Presidents' Day & Family Day Holiday Schedule   321gold 
02/19/2018 SKI #199 MAJOR Gold Stock Update  Jeff Kern  321gold 
02/17/2018 The Rosen Market Timing Letter  Ron Rosen  321gold 
02/16/2018 Gold Stocks Rally: Key Upside Targets  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
02/16/2018 GDX Weathers Stock Selloff  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
02/15/2018 The Death of Volatility? Follow Up  Tim Taschler  321gold 
02/13/2018 Gold Stocks: V Bottom Blastoff  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
02/13/2018 SSSSS This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
02/12/2018 Canuc Delivers 10m of 210 g/t Ag & 5 g/t Au  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
02/09/2018 Gold Stocks Decline: Key Tactics  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
02/09/2018 Stock Selling Unleashed!  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
02/08/2018 Dollar Break Down Continues  Tim Taschler  321gold 
02/06/2018 What Happens When Bitcon Goes Below the Cost of Production?  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
02/06/2018 Gold The Ultimate Iron Lady  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
02/02/2018 Gold Stock Consolidation Continues   Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
02/02/2018 Radical Gold Underinvestment 4  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
02/02/2018 The U.S. Gangs up on its Own Currency Or Does it?  Bob Hoye  321gold 
02/01/2018 Gold Lunar Cycles  CEO Technician  321gold 
02/01/2018 Davos, Dollars and Dead Men Walking  Nell Sloane  321gold 

External News

02/28/2018 100% Certainty of RECESSION Within 2 Years! - Legendary  Bob Moriarty  YouTube 
02/28/2018 2018: The Year Of The Margin Call   DC 
02/28/2018 The warning shots of 2007   TSI 
02/28/2018 US Gross National Debt Spikes $1 Trillion in Less Than 6 Months   WS 
02/28/2018 How global growth and infrastructure are driving commodities   AOTH 
02/27/2018 Credit Card debt over $1 trillion   MB360 
02/27/2018 Fed’s Dudley says there’s a ‘speculative mania’ in the cryptocurrency market   MW 
02/26/2018 Broad US stockmarket update - In position for downwave number 2...  Clive Maund  CM 
02/26/2018 A Roman lesson on inflation   GoldMoney 
02/26/2018 The ‘Index Of The Volume Of Speculation’ Hits A New Record High   TFR 
02/26/2018 Cash Must Not Be Made the Scapegoat   WS 
02/26/2018 Crypto Investment Shows ‘Limitless Ignorance Of Human Race’, Hedge Fund Tells Clients   CT 
02/25/2018 The Albatross Of Debt: The Stock Market's $67 Trillion Nightmare, Part 1   DSCC 
02/25/2018 Semi Bearish?   NFTRH 
02/25/2018 CRASH2: More derivatives, no reforms, investors nervous, experts smug. It’s not a good look   IWB 
02/25/2018 Alarm Bells Sounded on Wall Street’s Derivatives   WSOP 
02/24/2018 Group Ten Metals Mirrors the Stillwater PGE Complex  Bob Moriarty  SWR 
02/24/2018 Silver Could Be On The Cusp Of Major Rally – Mining CEO   Kitco 
02/24/2018 Pilbara: De Grey, Novo And More Horseman Theories   THH 
02/24/2018 “Blockchain” Stocks Completely Disintegrate   WS 
02/24/2018 Ethereum chief warns cryptocurrencies could ‘drop to near-zero at any time’   MW 
02/23/2018 Silver: 2018 and Beyond   DI 
02/23/2018 How Did America Go Bankrupt? Slowly, At First, Then All At Once!!!   EB 
02/23/2018 Thank Goodness the Stock Market is Sliding. It's about time   Newsweek 
02/22/2018 Ignore All The Fools  Bob Moriarty  EAG 
02/22/2018 New Low in Gold Stocks is a Strong Buy Signal   TDG 
02/22/2018 Novo Resources: Summing up The Latest Information   THH 
02/22/2018 On Closer Inspection, Debt of Bankrupt Spanish Construction Firm Grows Four-Fold   WS 
02/22/2018 How a urine test after back surgery triggered a $17,800 bill   MN 
02/21/2018 Gold: Another Month, Another Test Of Key Resistance – But This Time With A Difference   DC 
02/21/2018 Loan Shark Nation: Forcing Our Kids To Choose Between Student Loans And Everything Else   DC 
02/21/2018 5 reasons why commodities are the place to be in 2018   AOTH 
02/20/2018 Redzone Resources, the New Lithium Kid on the Block  Bob Moriarty  SWR 
02/20/2018 Bitcoin is up 65% in just 10 days!  Florian Grummes  MidasTouch 
02/20/2018 The Dirty Secret Behind Warren Buffett’s Billions   TN 
02/20/2018 Have You Heard of Goldman Sachs’ Theory Called the “Balanced Bear”?   WSOP 
02/19/2018 Gold Market Update  Clive Maund  CM 
02/19/2018 Gold: The End of Cheap Money   MPC 
02/19/2018 Why Investors Truly Have ‘Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself   TFR 
02/19/2018 Ray Dalio: The Bull Market Is On Its Last Legs   DB 
02/19/2018 Budget Woes Sign of a Dysfunctional Empire   ConsortiumNews 
02/18/2018 Bayhorse Silver Produces Silver  Bob Moriarty  SWR 
02/18/2018 Strange Link between Inflation & Gold  Arkadiusz Sieron  SP 
02/18/2018 How Ending The Gold Standard Impacted The US Economy   IWB 
02/18/2018 Ten years in, nobody has come up with a use for blockchain   HN 
02/18/2018 Guy Who Literally Told You To Sell Days Ahead Of The Meltdown Says Don’t BTFD   HR 
02/17/2018 The 2007-9 Crisis Will Return in 2018...   GOLDswitzerland 
02/17/2018 Wholesale Power Generators to Get Hurt by Grid Batteries   WS 
02/17/2018 The Topping Process Begins. The Bubble Finds its Pin   Rambus1 
02/16/2018 The pension nightmare for California’s cities is getting scarier   SacBee 
02/16/2018 These Fears Are Overhanging the Stock Market   WSOP 
02/16/2018 Reminder: The dollar has broken down from a giant top...  Clive Maund  CM 
02/16/2018 The True Cost of Artisanal Mining   MP 
02/15/2018 Allegiant Gold Begins Major Nevada Operations  Bob Moriarty  SWR 
02/15/2018 Ten signs we’re heading for ‘economic armageddon’   NZH 
02/15/2018 The World Embraces Debt At Exactly The Wrong Time   DC 
02/15/2018 The Fed’s Impossible Choice, In Three Charts   DC 
02/14/2018 The State of the Union – Markets   DI 
02/14/2018 Big Change In Bull-Bear Spread  Tom McClellan  McOscillator 
02/14/2018 Mars & Mercury Decide the Fate of the USD & Gold  Arkadiusz Sieron  SP 
02/14/2018 The Debt Ceiling Is The Least Of Worries For T-Bills   DB 
02/14/2018 The Banana Trick and Other Acts of Self-Checkout Thievery   TheAtlantic 
02/13/2018 What Just Changed?   OTM 
02/13/2018 Is Washington Nuts? Increasing Spending AND Cutting Taxes Will EXPLODE The Size Of The National Debt   SHTFplan 
02/13/2018 Did Wall Street Get Hacked, Back Away or Just Get Overwhelmed on Monday?   WSOP 
02/12/2018 XIV Implosion & the Implications for Gold   VanAurumTech 
02/12/2018 Gold Fireworks On The Horizon   TFR 
02/12/2018 Gravity & Greed   MA 
02/12/2018 Next Bear Market Will Be ‘Worst in Our Lifetime’   LR 
02/11/2018 3 Crazy Things We Now Accept as Normal   OTM 
02/11/2018 The Wheels Are Starting To Come Off   IWB 
02/11/2018 Gold – Next Stop Below $1300?  Bob Hoye  CC 
02/11/2018 What the Headlines about Tesla, Snap, & Twitter “Earnings” Should Have Said   WS 
02/10/2018 Flash Crashes: Small Investors Are Being Crushed by Wall Street   WSOP 
02/10/2018 Raising Rates Reflect Bigger Debt Not Faster Growth  Peter Schiff  EuroPac 
02/10/2018 Red Screen At Morning, Investor Take Warning   PP 
02/10/2018 Icahn: The market will one day 'implode' because of these wacky funds using so much leverage   CNBC 
02/09/2018 Crypto Crackdown: Bitcoin is a “Combination of Bubble, Ponzi Scheme, Environmental Disaster”   WS 
02/09/2018 Grandma Yellen Pats Markets on the Head & Sends them off to Bed...   TGR 
02/09/2018 Bailed-Out RBS Systemically Forged Customer Signatures: Whistle-Blowers   WS 
02/08/2018 Anaconda Scores 34.7 g/t Gold over 3.5 Meters  Bob Moriarty  SWR 
02/08/2018 VIX Spike Takes it Above All of its Futures  Tom McClellan  McOscillator 
02/08/2018 Dear Elon: Tesla’s Base Is Not the Model S Coalition   NakedCapitalism 
02/08/2018 Gold takes center-stage in dollar scare   USAgold 
02/08/2018 Crash of Outsourcing Giant with 70,000 Employees Globally Sparks New Panic   WS 
02/07/2018 Who Was Selling Stocks Last Week Before the Monday Rout?   WS 
02/07/2018 Using Artificial Intelligence to Autonomously Generate Trading Strategies   VanAurumTech 
02/07/2018 Hostiles   TBP 
02/07/2018 What The Crypto Crash & Stock Market Plunge Have In Common   PP 
02/07/2018 The Unintended Consequences Of Trump’s Solar Tariffs   OilPrice 
02/07/2018 US National Debt Will Jump by $617 Billion in 5 Months   WS 
02/06/2018 Removing Fuel from a Rally on Fire   BMI 
02/06/2018 How Did That Get Into My Bond Fund??   DC 
02/06/2018 Customer Lawsuits Pummel Spanish Banks   WS 
02/05/2018 Measuring the Bubble   HussmanFunds 
02/05/2018 Gold Needs More Relative Strength to Breakout   TDG 
02/05/2018 Music for the Next Bitcoin Convention...   CM 
02/05/2018 Fed’s QE Unwind Accelerates Sharply   WS 
02/05/2018 Stocks Dive as Treasury Yields Set Off Alarm Bells   WSOP 
02/04/2018 Do You Prefer Poison or Antidote?    DI 
02/04/2018 Criminals smuggling gold into Japan concealed bars in aeroplane toilets   SCMP 
02/04/2018 Bob Rodriguez Disses Trump’s Tax Cuts, Sees ‘Dark Times’ Ahead   TA 
02/04/2018 What Does it Mean, Saving Rate drops to 12-Year Low when 50% of Americans Don’t Have Savings?   WS 
02/04/2018 Steve Wozniak says he doesn’t trust Elon Musk or Tesla anymore   MW 
02/03/2018 The rise and fall of bitcoin   Economist 
02/03/2018 The Rowboat (Wages) and the Yacht (Assets)   OTM 
02/03/2018 Bitcoin Moms   MM 
02/03/2018 What everyone is missing about the US tax cuts   TSI 
02/02/2018 Things That Go Bump In The Night   ET 
02/02/2018 Bonds bubble about to pop? 10y govt bond yields on both sides of the Atlantic have jumped to critical levels   IWB 
02/01/2018 The Dollar Breakdown: A Sign of Inflation to Come?   Sprott 
02/01/2018 Bond Market’s “Inflation Expectations” Highest since 2014   WS 
02/01/2018 Bitcoin is crashing and could bottom as low as $2,000   MW 

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