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The [current] Energy Report Phil Flynn 321energy
02/28/2017 Canada Zinc, Right Time, Right Metal  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
02/28/2017 Gold Stocks: The Need To Bleed  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
02/27/2017 The DSI says the S&P & Nasdaq are Toppy  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
02/27/2017 The Rosen Market Timing Letter  Ron Rosen  321gold 
02/27/2017 This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
02/25/2017 Reflecting on Dad  Larry LaBorde  321gold 
02/24/2017 Gold's Rally: Key Tactics For Profits  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
02/24/2017 Gold-Futures Buying Yet to Start  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
02/21/2017 Gold & The Inflationary Firestorm  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
02/21/2017 The Rosen Market Timing Letter - Silver  Ron Rosen  321gold 
02/20/2017 BBBBB This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
02/19/2017 Duesenberg in a Barn  Jeff Thomas  321gold 
02/18/2017 FYI US & Canada Holiday Market Schedule for Monday   321gold 
02/17/2017 Gold Uptrend Resumes: Juniors Lead  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
02/17/2017 Gold-Stock Volume Divergence  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
02/14/2017 Valentine's Day Is Golden  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
02/13/2017 SKI #182 Gold Stock Update: Intermediate-term High Coming Soon  Jeff Kern  321gold 
02/13/2017 Gold Achieves a 62% Retracement from November  Bob Hoye  321gold 
02/13/2017 BBBBB This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
02/12/2017 When the Money Supply Dries Up  Jeff Thomas  321gold 
02/11/2017 U.S. Exorbitant Privilege At Risk?!  Axel Merk  321gold 
02/10/2017 Light Pullback For Gold: Key Tactics  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
02/10/2017 Gold Stocks' Strong New Upleg  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
02/09/2017 The only reliable gold&silver futures are shares in mining companies  Groenewegen  321gold 
02/09/2017 “The Evolution of Competition”  Ben Hunt  321gold 
02/08/2017 More Gold in Metals Creek  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
02/08/2017 20/20  Jeff Thomas  321gold 
02/07/2017 A Global Money Printing Competition  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
02/06/2017 Novo Increases Grade by 55%?  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
02/06/2017 BBBBB This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
02/06/2017 The Rosen Market Timing Letter  Ron Rosen  321gold 
02/05/2017 “We Will Bury You”  Jeff Thomas  321gold 
02/04/2017 Outside Reversal Month in the US Dollar  Bob Hoye  321gold 
02/03/2017 US Dollar: Candlestick Of Doom  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
02/03/2017 US Mint Bullion-Coin Sales 5  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
02/02/2017 Britain Needs Trump for Smooth Brexit  John Browne  321gold 
02/01/2017 Bitcoin is a Bubble We’ve Seen Before  Tom McClellan  321gold 

External News

02/28/2017 European welfare benefits help fund ISIS fighters   USAToday 
02/28/2017 Will France vote in a second Hollande   Gefira 
02/28/2017 Andrew Maguire: Gold and Silver to Skyrocket   ORN 
02/28/2017 US Economy May Grind to a Halt As Debt Ceiling Deadline Draws Near   NBTC 
02/27/2017 Gold Capsizes ... Then Surprises!   Demeadville 
02/27/2017 Can Americans Really Depend on Social Security?   MOTM 
02/27/2017 Underperformance in Gold Stocks Argues for Interim Peak   TDG 
02/27/2017 Treasury secretary says a strong dollar is a 'good thing,' contradicting what Trump has said at times   BI 
02/26/2017 Venezuela's monetary zigzag course   CW 
02/26/2017 Is Professor Sinn worth listening to?   Gefira 
02/26/2017 When the Pig Tops   NFTRH 
02/26/2017 Dazed & Confused...Treasury Buying vs. Asset Valuations?   Econimica 
02/26/2017 The Mother Of All Financial Bubbles   PP 
02/25/2017 Buckle Up: Inflation at 58-Month High   StreetwiseReports 
02/25/2017 The Most Beautiful Metal   AOTH 
02/25/2017 ‘Fed Up’ exposes the elite rot inside the Federal Reserve   MW 
02/25/2017 The Four Horsemen of the Retirement Apocalypse   FS 
02/24/2017 The Problem with Gold-Backed Currencies   OfTwoMinds 
02/24/2017 Is the US Restaurant Recession Becoming Structural?   WS 
02/24/2017 11 Stunning Visualizations of Gold Show Its Value and Rarity   VisualCapitalist 
02/24/2017 Rate Hike Cycles vs. the US Dollar: Rate Hikes Bad for Gold?   MishTalk 
02/23/2017 Gold Gets a Shot in the Arm from Inflation and China   USfunds 
02/23/2017 The VIX Is A Coiled Spring   EAG 
02/23/2017 Deutsche Bank: These 2 risks could derail the US economy   BI 
02/23/2017 Torchlight Energy: The Hazel Project Is Worth $150 Million    SA 
02/23/2017 Commodity Volatility Collapses   EAG 
02/22/2017 The Return of Stagflation   DI 
02/22/2017 Genesis Metals: Advancing Its Cheerier Gold Project To An Economic Gold Resource In Quebec   EAG 
02/22/2017 Volatility and the Allegory of the Prisoner’s Dilemma   ACM 
02/22/2017 Aetna CEO: Obamacare markets are in a 'death spiral'   Politico 
02/22/2017 Wall Street Journal Goes With “Alternative Facts” in Hank Greenberg Saga   WSOP 
02/21/2017 Gold Sector Update – What Stance is Appropriate?   acting-man 
02/21/2017 Gold’s Fundamentals Strengthen   TDG 
02/21/2017 Political Consensus Is Splintering into Class Wars   OfTwoMinds 
02/21/2017 J P Morgan and Commodity Manipulation   BATR 
02/20/2017 When Speculators Prosper Through Ignorance   HussmanFunds 
02/20/2017 Gold Getting Repelled by Resistance - That's What!   Demeadville 
02/20/2017 Six central bankers and a financial regulator get dragged to court   WS 
02/20/2017 The Woodpecker   NYSun 
02/20/2017 Stocks and Gold; the Next Opportunity   NFTRH 
02/19/2017 Want to trade gold rally? Go for silver   CNBC 
02/19/2017 Why Corporate America Has Conniptions about Trump’s H-1B Visa Reform   WS 
02/19/2017 The Inevitability of Economic Collapse   TGR 
02/18/2017 The Banking Crisis – Why Gold?   JGR 
02/18/2017 Connecting the Dots   MA 
02/18/2017 The Coming Class Wars   PP 
02/18/2017 The Most Interesting New Gold ETF Since GLD   ETF 
02/18/2017 Kamikaze Economics with Slow-Motion Debt Crash   WS 
02/17/2017 Gold: The Only Certainty is Uncertainty  John Ing  IMA 
02/17/2017 The Costs of Dragon Maintenance   DI 
02/17/2017 Mexican farmer's daughter: NAFTA destroyed us   CNN 
02/16/2017 Silver and Inflation   ORN 
02/16/2017 World’s 2nd largest stockpile of gold leaves the United States   SovereignMan 
02/16/2017 Silver: On The Verge Of A New Bull Market?   GoldStockBull 
02/16/2017 Rome’s Flat Tax Created the Biggest Economic Boom in History   AE 
02/16/2017 Greece Lashes Out at IMF   MishTalk 
02/15/2017 One billion in gold bullion?   Macon 
02/15/2017 Biggest EU Banks Embark on the Mother of All Debt Binges   WS 
02/15/2017 ROYAL MINT CEO: More people are turning their cash into gold to escape political risk   BI 
02/15/2017 World’s Largest Container Carrier “Unexpectedly” Has Big Loss in Crushed Industry. Now Trade War with China Looms   WS 
02/15/2017 Dear IMF, Please Put Greece Out of Its Misery   MishTalk 
02/14/2017 How a French revolution could trigger the next global financial crisis   MoneyWeek 
02/14/2017 The Great Rotation... From Bonds to Gold?   DP 
02/14/2017 CRB Index Deep Dive   Gold-Eagle 
02/14/2017 Market Wizard Warning: There Will Be Total Chaos   ORN 
02/13/2017 Time-Stamp of Speculative Euphoria   HussmanFunds 
02/13/2017 Gold Reaches Resistance - Now What?   Demeadville 
02/13/2017 Precious Metals Watch   Sprott 
02/13/2017 Disputing Trump’s NAFTA “Catastrophe” with Pictures   MishTalk 
02/12/2017 Gold & Gold Stocks Hit Upside Targets. Now What?   TDG 
02/12/2017 The Triumph of Hope Over Experience   TFR 
02/12/2017 Trump’s Complications in Draining the Swamp   TDB 
02/12/2017 Extreme Vetting, But Not for Banks   RollingStone 
02/11/2017 MGX Shareholders Ride a Rollercoaster  Bob Moriarty  AUreport 
02/11/2017 Jayant Bandar - India, Tax Raids, and Police State   PAP 
02/11/2017 Clinton Foundation On The Brink Of Collapse   IWB 
02/11/2017 Is Italy’s Banking Problem Becoming Too Big to Solve?   WS 
02/10/2017 RJK and Winston Hit Big Gold  Bob Moriarty  StreetwiseReports 
02/10/2017 Expropriation and Impoverishment: Capitalist Greece and Socialist Venezuela   OfTwoMinds 
02/10/2017 U.S. Dollar Store empire   MB360 
02/10/2017 Weekly Commentary: The Wrath   CBB 
02/09/2017 Time to Panic in Australia   MishTalk 
02/09/2017 Where are the Gold Traders?   TFT 
02/09/2017 Trump to Sign Orders Today Making Wall Street More Dangerous   WSOP 
02/09/2017 Manganese Is Energy Critical   AOTH 
02/08/2017 Trading Expectations – The enemy of traders    PB 
02/08/2017 The Coming Crisis in Central Banking   AE 
02/08/2017 Johnny Depp’s Finances Are in Disarray: Could It Happen to You?   WSOP 
02/07/2017 The Media, Divide and Conquer  Bob Moriarty  PAP 
02/07/2017 Luminor Drives the Scout DS Forward  Bob Moriarty  StreetwiseReports 
02/07/2017 “Watch Out for the Shock”: Asset Manager Natives   WS 
02/07/2017 Gold Braves the Blues, Moves Higher Still   Demeadville 
02/07/2017 Oil Prices Could Be Our Boll Weevil   McOscillator 
02/06/2017 There Are Some Extraordinary Opportunities Out There Right Now  Bob Moriarty  EAG 
02/06/2017 Happiness Runs  Bill Gross  Janus 
02/06/2017 Portfolio Strategy and the Iron Laws   HussmanFunds 
02/06/2017 Yra Harris Emphasizes Keeping An Eye On Europe   FRA 
02/05/2017 3 Popular Investment Strategies That Will Look Idiotic 30 Years From Now   TFR 
02/05/2017 European Central Bank (ECB) Head Mario Draghi Admits For The First Time, EU May Break-Up   ITCW 
02/05/2017 Why 2017 Could See the Collapse of the Euro   GC 
02/05/2017 Expect Yelling From China, Mexico, Europe, Importers   MishTalk 
02/04/2017 Is Germany a Currency Manipulator? China?   MishTalk 
02/04/2017 Imagin Medical update  Clive Maund  CM 
02/04/2017 Condo Speculation Collapses in Miami-Dade’s Condo Glut   WS 
02/04/2017 Things Just Got Serious in Europe’s War on Cash   WS 
02/03/2017 Weaker US$ Could Send Gold & Gold Stocks to Higher Targets   TDG 
02/03/2017 Depression, Stagflation, Stag-Depress-Flation   DI 
02/03/2017 Amazon Enters Trillion Dollar Ocean Freight Business...   MishTalk 
02/03/2017 2016 Economy Matches Worst Year since Great Recession   WS 
02/02/2017 BonTerra Hits Big Gold Numbers  Bob Moriarty  AUreport 
02/02/2017 The Venture Will Catch Up To The S&P 500 In The Next Four Years   CEO 
02/02/2017 The US$ is a Piece of Crap   ORN 
02/02/2017 Where are they now? The 12 members of the 1896 DJIA   BI 
02/02/2017 For First Time Draghi Admits EU May Break Up   AE 
02/01/2017 Fed rates unchanged [1/2 - 3/4 percent]  FOMC  Fed 
02/01/2017 Rightsizing Has Once Again Come to the Tech Sector   WS 
02/01/2017 Wall Street’s Revolving Money Door: Ceresney & Cohn Take a Spin   WSOP 
02/01/2017 He'll Bring Them Inflation, and they will Love Him for it   NFTRH 
02/01/2017 Manganese Is Energy Critical   AOTH 
02/01/2017 GATA’s Total Incompetence   ORN 

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