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The [current] Energy Report Phil Flynn 321energy
01/21/2017 Gold’s 50-DMA Breakout  Przemyslaw Radomski  321gold 
01/20/2017 Gold Market Tactics: Tighten Profit Locks  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
01/20/2017 Donald J. Trump New US President, Welcome   321gold 
01/20/2017 Gold Futures Looking Bullish  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
01/19/2017 Trump Deficits Will Be Huge  Peter Schiff  321gold 
01/18/2017 RJK Climbs out of the Ashes  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
01/17/2017 Gold Stocks: A Fabulous Rally Accelerates  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
01/16/2017 FYI US Markets closed today   321gold 
01/16/2017 BBBBB This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
01/14/2017 Three Strikes – You’re Out!  Jeff Thomas  321gold 
01/13/2017 Nexus Scores on Gold, Misses on Press Release  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
01/13/2017 Trend Transition Trade Tactics  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
01/13/2017 L@@K Amazon Kindle Books by...  Bob Moriarty  321gold < - - - -
01/13/2017 Big Gold Buying Coming  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
01/13/2017 Silver Update  Bob Hoye  321gold 
01/12/2017 Explor Hits in New Brunswick  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
01/10/2017 Gold: The Rate Hike Rally Continues  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
01/10/2017 “A Tired Bull Awakens” – January 8, 2017  Robert J. Cote  321gold 
01/09/2017 MX Gold Adds Another Gold Project  Bob Moriarty  321gold 
01/09/2017 Debt or DJIA: Who Gets to 20* First?  Tom McClellan  321gold 
01/09/2017 BBBBB This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
01/08/2017 Get an Education  Jeff Thomas  321gold 
01/06/2017 Gold's New Year Rally Accelerates  Morris Hubbartt  321gold 
01/06/2017 Gold Stocks Shine in 2017  Adam Hamilton  321gold 
01/03/2017 US Jobs Report: Key Driver For Gold  Stewart Thomson  321gold 
01/03/2017 The Rosen Market Timing Letter  Ron Rosen  321gold 
01/02/2017 SKI #180 Gold Stock Update: Bottom's in, Correction's complete  Jeff Kern  321gold 
01/02/2017 BSBBB This past week in gold  Jack Chan  321gold 
01/01/2017 From Power Currency to Power Money  David Smith  321gold 
01/01/2017 Ready for New Year 2017 Massive Rally in PMs & Junior Miners  Jeb Handwerger  321gold 

External News

01/22/2017 ‘Worse than the great depression’ Renowned economist warns of BLEAK future for Eurozone   Express 
01/22/2017 The Investment Secret Of The 2000s And It Has But Started   GS 
01/22/2017 U.S. General Accounting Office sounds alarm on America’s insolvency   FP 
01/22/2017 The Calm Before The Match Is Lit   CEO 
01/21/2017 In Search of the New World   MA 
01/21/2017 Major Markets at Turning Points   DI 
01/21/2017 Another Retailer Goes Bankrupt, Shutters Stores   WS 
01/21/2017 Political Revolution Sprouts New Shoots Outside Goldman Sachs   WSOP 
01/20/2017 Populism; the Danger? What About Debt?   BMI 
01/20/2017 The Dollar, “the Most Crowded Trade,” Gets Less Crowded   WS 
01/20/2017 How Trump Could Unwittingly Gut Boeing’s Global Business   WS 
01/20/2017 The “war on cash” has nothing to do with fighting crime   TSI-Blog 
01/19/2017 Euro Crisis Deepens   BATR 
01/19/2017 The Endgame, Trump & Gold  Darryl Robert Schoon  drschoon 
01/19/2017 Will Our Grandchildren Wonder Why We Didn't Build a Renewable Power Grid When It Was Still Affordable?   OfTwoMinds 
01/19/2017 Swiss SNB's vice president says negative rates key for monetary policy   4-Traders 
01/18/2017 The Further Decline in International Reserves  Hugo Salinas Price  plata 
01/18/2017 Rally in Gold & Gold Stocks Has More Upside   TDG 
01/18/2017 US Financial Markets – Alarm Bells are Ringing   acting-man 
01/18/2017 Millennials are worse off than their parents   MB360 
01/18/2017 Surge in Consumer Confidence Turns to “Dismal” Retail Sales beyond Autos, Gasoline   WS 
01/17/2017 Common Sense - 2017   TBP Must Read
01/17/2017 Gold Train   LMCT 
01/17/2017 From One Scam to Another: How Banks in Spain Intend to “Compensate” 1.4 Million Fleeced Homeowners   WS 
01/17/2017 Brace for the oil, food and financial crash of 2018   Medium 
01/17/2017 A wide-angle view of the US stock market   TSI-Blog 
01/16/2017 Broad US Stockmarket Update as the Inauguration of Trump Approaches  Clive Maund  CM 
01/16/2017 Cassandra's Song   HussmanFunds 
01/16/2017 Welcome To The Third World, Part 21: This Pension Thing Is About To Get Real   DollarCollapse 
01/16/2017 Gold Seeking 1240 on this Up Run   Demeadville 
01/16/2017 Shaun Chamberlin: Surviving The Aftermath Of The Market Economy   PP 
01/15/2017 Top 10 Trump Myths   Takimag 
01/15/2017 Central-Bank Bashing Has Gold Only Asset Safe From Meddling   Bloomberg 
01/15/2017 Be Prepared for a Violent Fed Reversal   DR 
01/15/2017 Sears is ‘one sick puppy,’ and there may be no remedy   MW 
01/14/2017 2017 – Spectacular For Gold And Silver But Disaster For Bonds And Stocks   GS 
01/14/2017 Seriously, this is THE most important level for gold...   CEO 
01/14/2017 Hong Kong realtors unveil ‘zero down payment’ home lending scheme   SCMP 
01/14/2017 The coming 'bond massacre' will be worse than 1994   BI 
01/13/2017 Here’s How Goldman Sachs Became the Overlord of the Trump Administration   WSOP 
01/13/2017 Commodities Bust Crushes Incomes, House Prices, & Rents in Western Australia   WS 
01/12/2017 Trump's Ignorance  Hugo Salinas Price  plata 
01/12/2017 Ringing in the New Year with a Bullish Case for Gold  Frank Holmes  USfunds 
01/12/2017 Hideous Constellation of Threats and Challenges Facing Mexico   WS 
01/12/2017 Record 95.1 million Americans not in the labor force   MB360 
01/11/2017 Gold Is Undervalued, That’s Great News For Precious Metals Funds   ETFDN 
01/11/2017 Why You Might Want to Prepare Your Portfolio for a Time ‘When Doves Cry’   TFR 
01/11/2017 European Union Break-up No Longer Unthinkable: German Vice Chancellor   NDTV 
01/11/2017 Gold Stocks Leading but Approaching Trump Resistance   TDG 
01/11/2017 A Broken Bond Bounce Beckons!   Matasii 
01/10/2017 Can You Help Me Out?  David Morgan  SI 
01/10/2017 Treasury Nominee Steve Mnuchin’s Bank Accused of “Widespread Misconduct” in Leaked Memo   TheIntercept 
01/10/2017 American Public Absorbs Loss From Treasury Debt Plunge   WHTT 
01/09/2017 The Economic Risk of Ignoring Arithmetic   HussmanFunds 
01/09/2017 Gold Starts the New Year Stuck in First Gear   Demeadville 
01/09/2017 3,000 Ride-Sharing Cars Could Replace 13,000 New York City Taxis   MishTalk 
01/09/2017 Yuan Intervention Poised to Fail: All Not Well in Middle Kingdom   MishTalk 
01/08/2017 FMQ breaks $15 trillion   GoldMoney 
01/08/2017 Why Profits Are Faltering   OfTwoMinds 
01/08/2017 Market manipulation is not price suppression   TSI-Blog 
01/07/2017 Gold Price Plummets After Trump Win, Huge PM Purchase Opportunity   SchiffGold 
01/07/2017 More Brilliance from Larry Summers   ORN 
01/07/2017 Fed minutes show central bank uncertain about the pace of interest-rate hikes   MW 
01/07/2017 Marine Le Pen Calls for Return of French Franc, Strong Borders   Breitbart 
01/06/2017 Glut in Luxury Apartments: Boom Set to Fizzle in 2017   MishTalk 
01/06/2017 Dollar, Interest Rates, Equities, Commodities, Gold in 2017   PDC 
01/06/2017 Insurance Claim Adjusters Replaced by “IBM Watson Explorer”   MishTalk 
01/05/2017 The TSX-Venture Has Begun Its Next Leg Higher   EAG 
01/05/2017 Connecting the Dots - 1/4/17   MA 
01/05/2017 Power & Profit Fuel War on Cash in Europe   WS 
01/05/2017 Shrinking Oil Giant Pemex Starts 2017 on Wrong Foot   WS 
01/05/2017 William White: Central banks cannot reverse   FUW 
01/04/2017 U.S. Quietly Drops Bombshell: Wall Street Banks Have $2 Trillion European Exposure   WSOP 
01/04/2017 Gold price, How far goes the decline of the ounce?   Dani2989 
01/04/2017 The Almighty Dollar and the Currencies that Crushed it in 2016   WS 
01/04/2017 The story of how Steve Jobs saved Apple from disaster   BI 
01/04/2017 A Biased 2017 Forecast (Part Two)   TBP Must Read
01/03/2017 How Savvy Investors Use Sentiment to Make Fortunes  Bob Moriarty  StreetwiseReports 
01/03/2017 Silver Prices and the Russian Connection   DI 
01/03/2017 Guns and Chipotle   MB360 
01/03/2017 The Greatest Money Manager Alive Attributes The Majority Of His Success To Just This One Thing   TFR 
01/02/2017 A Biased 2017 Forecast (Part One)   TBP Must Read
01/02/2017 Gold: Getting There A Little At A Time   DollarCollapse 
01/02/2017 World’s Most Dangerous Systemic Risks for Week Ending Dec 30 2016   Medium 
01/02/2017 Fake News, Mass Hysteria and Induced Insanity   OfTwoMinds 
01/02/2017 EPA To Alaskans In Sub-Zero Temps: Stop Burning Wood To Keep Warm   TF 
01/01/2017 It Could Finally Be Time For Gold To Really Shine   TFR 
01/01/2017 Time to Buy US Treasury Bonds? Gold? Equities?   MishTalk 
01/01/2017 Will Interest Rates Ever Rise?   BATR 

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